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The Perfect Accommodation For The Perfect Trip Abroad | Travel

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am an intrepid traveller. Simply put, I am obsessed and I cannot stop! I have travelled across the world, far and wide, and I have picked up a few essential tips along the way.

One that I am going to share today regards accommodation. So many travellers don’t treat accommodation with the respect it deserves. The majority of people think they can turn up and find a great hotel or hostel without even trying. Well, I am here to tell you that is almost never the case. For all you first-time and beginner travellers out there, here’s how to spot the best accommodation. In the end, it can make all the difference to your trip.

Plan Ahead
People tend to leave booking accommodation to the last minute because they have other things on their mind. In basic terms, they are too busy having a good time. Still, there is always time to check out sites on the Internet and get a good understanding. Before you jet off to your next destination, check Hostelbookers and Hostelworld to see what the demand is like. If it is low, don’t worry. But, if it is high, book it sooner rather than later.

Go Off Reputations
Although some people’s expectations can differ from yours, their advice can be crucial. There may be one of two people who can find fault with the perfect hostel, but there won’t be thirty of forty people. If the majority of the people who have commented have given it a positive review, the odds are that is it a standard establishment.

But Don’t Take Them Too Seriously
Feedback and reviews are important, but you shouldn’t put all your faith in them because they can distort your view. There isn’t an establishment on the planet that will get one hundred percent positive reviews because some people are awkward. Just because there are one or two negative reviews doesn’t mean you should omit it from your search. It just means that some people are hard to please!

Be Flexible
Travellers love to stay at hostels. There are so many advantages, especially if you are travelling alone. You meet incredible people and they are almost always the cheapest option. Or are they? Because travellers are blinkered, they often forget to be flexible. There is a range of options available to you, some which might be better and cheaper. For example, vacation rentals could be an ideal alternative if you have met plenty of people and you are looking for a bit of home comfort. Don’t just go with hostels because that is what travellers do.

Depending on the country you are travelling, the price is up for debate. Never go with accommodation that you cannot afford because it affects the rest of your journey. If you spend all you money on your hotel, how are you going to have a good time? The perfect accommodation is often the most affordable.

These are just a few of the tips I have found come across on my travels. If you have any of your own, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Monday, 28 September 2015

My HEMA Haul | Lifestyle & Stationery

I bought this little sticky note and washi tape haul from HEMA quite some time ago but have only just gotten around to blog about it. Since then I've managed to get hold of the matching planner/organiser that fits with this theme and I've decided to use it for college with a couple of amazing accessories I've bought too, I'll type up a blog post on this shortly as I know a couple of my followers are interesting in planning and stationery too.

HEMA is a cheap Dutch store, much like Poundland over here but they have a lot better products. I'm likening a lot of their products to the Target 'Dollar Spot' range that you can find in the USA and Australia. I tend to buy their products online and pay for delivery, but they have three stores in the UK that are nowhere near me. Same for the new Kikki K store that's opening down south, goddam you southerners.

Now for some reason when you order online from HEMA you have to buy two of a product, I think this could be because some of the sticky notes are priced at 50p or 75p and they want to make a little more money from you; because I ended up with quite a few duplicates I gave them away as a RAK (random act of kindness) on a Facebook planning group, just because I am amazing and nice. Plus I didn't need two lots of them anyway. I'm enough of a hoarded as it is. 

As well as picking up a whole bunch of sticky notes that I plan on using for college, although I think it's become apparent now that most of my course is practical and salon based so I generally won't need them this year. I might use them for my University module this year although I'm not sure because I had bought a bunch of Target Dollar Spot stationery to use for University, although it doesn't seem to match the kit I bought from Paperchase, so I might decide to use my beautiful Erin Condren notebook and match these with it too. 

I also picked up a set of stickers which I've since discovered ideal for labelling up my kit. Kits are costly and people genuinely do run off with scissors and don't give them back. Well, not on my watch. Plus everything is neon enough to see a mile off. 

I haven't quite decided what to use the small label style stickers for yet, they are too small for mailing so I might just use them for pen pal letters and snail mail etc, just to brighten everything up a little bit. They would also be ideal to use as quick page markers or to make notes with in my text books for my next University module. 

The washi tape will more than likely just be added to my ever growing collection. As I've just been using my Erin Condren Life Planner I haven't really been into sticking and decorating the pages yet, but I think I might do with my college planner as I think I'll be getting a lot more use out of it than I thought I would do. Apparently we have to make a note at the end of every day of what we've done at college to type up on the system, so the diary section of the planner will be perfect for making notes!

The contents of this haul didn't cost that much. I think all in all including delivery (which to be honest was the most expensive part!) cost me around £15-£20 which I think it a good price to pay for this. Not forgetting I bought a load of duplicates of some of the products shown too. 

Friday, 25 September 2015

September Faves | Beauty

As I'm back at college and studying hairdressing, it's important to look my best and definitely means a full face of make up that can last me through a whole day of practical sessions in the salon. I don't wear a lot of make up and never really have, but I still like to apply a little. I have good skin (again, thank goodness!) and don't need to put a lot on my skin for a base as I like to keep my natural skin showing through too. I tend to keep the same look for work as well as it's quite light and keeps my skin looking good throughout my 4 hour shift racing around serving and being in a hot kitchen too.

So which products are my favourite, and my go-to's at the moment then?

MeMeMe Long-Lasting Nail Gloss, £5.00.
~This came in a GlossyBox quite some time ago, and much like nail varnishes I put them away in my drawer and never give them a second look however, this caught my eye a couple of weeks back and I decided to try it for the first time. It's a lovely manicure nude shade that just coats the nail. I did apply a couple of coats just to cover up my nail but it's a nice neutral shade for wearing in the salon. I'm lucky that on the floor above mine at college there is a nail back so I'm intending on having mine done up there in a couple of weeks, but I just thought this made a nice neutral addition to my collection of nail polishes that I never use. Like any other though, it does chip pretty easily so for the price there are probably cheaper alternatives out there.

No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in shade Soft Ruby, £9.95. 
~I bought this just before Christmas when I popped into Boots to be colour matched for their foundation, which ultimately turned out to be a big disaster. The colour was a good match but she gave me a really thick and full coverage moisturiser which just looked terrible on my skin. Anyway, there was an offer on where if you bought two products you received a really nice goody bag and well I'm a sucker for a freebie so I bought this lipstick. I didn't really like it at first so it went in a jar with all the other lipsticks I don't use, but I got this back out again to go with my vintage look for work and I must admit this time around I'm quite impressed with it. As it's moisture drench, it keeps my lips hydrating with no cracking through the day, and doesn't bleed either which it good. However, it does wear off after an hour or so, so I kept finding myself reapplying which isn't that professional at work. For the price though, it was quite expensive and I wouldn't really repurchase it again. Lesson learnt.

Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation in shade Ivory, £5.99. 
~I'm always in search of a good foundation and have recently been using tinted moisturisers but after seeing the advert and joining in on the hype of this product I thought I would give it a go; and I'm so glad I did because I absolutely love it! It's very light on the skin and blends perfectly giving fine coverage and concealing. I have light skin and ivory suits my tone perfectly. It's quite cheap for a foundation and I've found is lasting me such a long time! The only downside is that I don't like the dripper, so tend to run this on the back of my hand and apply using a brush. I'll definitely be repurchasing this when it runs out.

Oriflame 'The One' Eye Liner Stylo in shade black, currently £4.45*.
~I received this in a goody bag from an Oriflame event I attended last year but have only recently started using it to the best of it's ability. The Stylo pen has a fine felt tip that I find really easy to apply for all my style of flicks be it thick or thin. The pigment is pretty strong although can be watery sometimes so you may need to run over your liner a couple of times depending. For me, who certainly can't apply liquid liner, this is a great product. It dries quickly too and doesn't leave any residue on the lid either. They are currently half price on the website so I'm tempted to make an order for a fresh one just in case.

My Little Box Mascara Soin Et Volume in shade black. 
~This mascara came in a My Little Box a few months back but I've only recently had a clear out of the boxes to see what I actually have. This is a volumising mascara and works brilliantly. The brush is quite long meaning I can catch most of my eyelashes in one swipe. The only downside is that there isn't an excess capture at the top of the lid so you can easily end up with too much on your brush. Although that's a small downside to the product I still absolutely love it at the moment as it leaves my lashes feeling soft and nourished. Unfortunately I will never be able to buy this product again as it was just included in the box, but never mind. I'll go back to my old faithful again!

Body Shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome in shade Pink, £8.00.
~At the Body Shop event a couple a months ago I picked up this amazing Highlighting Dome from their blusher collection. The Honey Bronze collection have a range of products that I've used for quite some years but this isn't one I was familiar with. The colour, with a hint of a bronzer, looks amazing against my skin. I've been using Sleek's Rose Gold blusher for a couple of years now, and although this has a similar shade, it's a little more rosier on the cheek and makes my cheeks pop just a little bit more. I've simply been applying it by rubbing on my cheeks and blending in with a brush. I think when the product is down to the pot I'll have to apply with my fingers. Anyway, it's definitely a worthy investment, and both their lighter and darker shades would be brilliant for contouring.

Make Up Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Make Up Fixing Spray, £5.00*. 
~You may remember my review of this product before it came out on my 'February Faves' post here. I'm still using the same bottle and have over half left in. It has definitely been my go-to product through the summer and has kept my face looking fresh throughout. I've become more reliant on it at work because it can get really hot there, and I'm imagining the same when I'm in the salon too. I honestly couldn't recommend using it more, it's been the best new makeup addition to my back in quite some time and I'll be repurchasing this when it runs out. If you have normal skin, there is also a normal alternative of the product you can buy for the same price. Oh and the packaging is rose gold, what more could I ask for?!

Korres Iris Lily of the Valley Cotton Eau de Toilette, £30. 
~A friend gave me this fragrance a while back as it was too heavy for her, but I quite like the woody, masculine scent behind this. To top the musky, earthy notes, it has a top of rose just to bring out the sweetness in the fragrance and I must admit this is a really nice scent. Normally it's not something I would buy myself because it's not floral, but I really like the longevity it has on my skin, and there are several under notes that come out through the day. For £30, I don't think I would repurchase this product though, but I'll definitely be finishing off the bottle!

Elie Saab Le Perfum, £27.34. 
~This was a sample from one of the Harvey Nichol's catwalk events quite some time ago that I have only just managed to use. Lets be honest, they gave us a lot of perfume samples in those bags and I keep finding them in drawers all over the place! It's quite nice to give something a change though, and I really am delighted in this perfume. It's clean, sweet and floral which to me is everything perfect in a fragrance. For a price of £27.34 for a 30ml bottle I definitely think I'll be treating myself to this for my birthday or Christmas, or just hoping a male or lady friend along the way might treat me to some luxuries this year, I love to be cheeky.

So, what do you think of my September favourites? I'm going to try swap up the collection for November though, it gives me a change to use a few old products that I haven't really given the time of day. I guess it's back to swapping my stash again!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Easy ways to detox your life | Lifestyle

After a long summer of barbeques, parties, weddings and holidays, many people plunge into autumn with a nagging lethargy, dreading the return of dark, cold, wintry days. For most of us, too, the prospect of Christmas combines the wonder and delight of bright lights, delicious food and fun family times with the worry of extra stress and considerable weight gain.

It makes sense, therefore, to deal a double blow to these two problems, with some simple detox steps, designed to refresh your body and mind. Cue a release of energy, new enthusiasm and – if all goes well – a little physical enlightenment in the run-up to the festive season.

We understand that people’s lives are different, but try to work in at least two or three of these handy tips over the coming months, and you’ll be sure to reap the rewards.

Go Outdoors
Make sure you get some fresh air every day – whether it’s through going on a walk, popping out to the shops in your lunch hour, or simply sitting near an open window. Fresh air helps boost your concentration, helps your lungs work to their maximum potential, and the extra oxygen in your blood will give you more energy to face the day.

Get Fresh
A really easy way to make your diet healthier is to make sure you have one fresh piece of food with every meal. Breakfasts could be fresh fruit on yoghurt or cereal; lunches could mean lettuce in your sandwich or carrot sticks as a snack. For the evening, try replacing frozen peas with mini corns on the cob, baked beans with pan-fried leeks and cabbage, and normal potatoes for sweet potatoes, which are both lower in carbs and keep your blood sugar levels steady. Fresh foods have tons more vitamins and minerals, and most veggies can be cooked in a microwave within just a few minutes.

Give Up
Quitting smoking is one of the most effective ways to detox your body and mind in one go. Studies show that it only takes your body a couple of days to regain energy levels and begin working more efficiently. If you’re not sure you can go cold turkey, try e-cigarettes – an electronic version of normal cigarettes, they use a solution called e liquid, which heats up to create a vapour that you inhale. E-liquids contain only five key ingredients, none of the harmful chemicals normally associated with smoking, and although they have nicotine in them, you can gradually reduce the amount, meaning it’s a great way to wean yourself off an addictive habit.

Go Fizz Free
Caffeine- and sugar-filled drinks like tea, coffee and fizzy pops are a favourite with most of us for various reasons, and although we’re aware of the risks that drinking them can cause (sugar highs, diabetes, insomnia and a need to go to the bathroom more often) we stick by them somewhat resolutely. Don’t try to be a martyr to the detox cause, but instead limit your intake – allow yourself one fizzy drink a day, one coffee to wake you up, one a cup of tea to chill you out. Replace lemonade with carbonated water, flavoured if you like, especially if you usually combine it with squashes or fruit juices, and try flavoured still water as your daytime drink – it still tastes nice, but has zero calories.

Get Active
Try to give over 20 minutes a day to exercise. It doesn’t seem much – it could be first thing in the morning, during a morning break, at lunch or when you get home – but you’d be surprised at the difference it makes. If making time every day is difficult, aim for at least two over the course of a week. If you’re stuck for ideas, there are plenty of 15-minute exercise DVDs on the market, giving you 5 minutes to get ready as well as a full workout.

Switch Off
Before you go to bed, set aside some time – ten minutes, half an hour, however long you can manage – to do something totally separate from your life, when your brain doesn’t have to work overtime. Read a book, listen to music, or take turns with your partner giving massages. Don’t do anything that involves a screen, as this will make your eyes think it’s daytime and so ensure your mind stays alert. Don’t use this time to discuss issues, problems or annoyances either – this is a chance for you to unwind, meaning you’ll get a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling more refreshed.

Be Brave
Once a week, try something new. It might be a new TV show, a new recipe, a new skill, a new place, a new musical artist – but make time to adventure out of your comfort zone. Not only will you gain in self-confidence as your horizons expand, but you may well discover things you never knew existed, or find a new interest.

Go Teetotal
We would never dream of suggesting that you give up alcohol permanently, but cutting down on the amount you drink is never a bad thing. Try to have at least 4 days a week where you don’t drink, and drink sensibly – it’s no use abstaining Sunday to Friday only to drink 20 pints on Saturday night. If you’re feeling confident and charitable, try your hand at one of the many monthly campaigns like Sober For October to combine staying on the wagon with raising money for a good cause.

End On A High
Keep your spirits up by ending each day on a positive note. This can be a hard thing to do if one of the things you are doing is giving up smoking as it is hard to get over the nicotine cravings but at night, think or talk about a high point in your day – maybe a nice meal you enjoyed, a joke someone told, something nice a colleague did for you, or something cute or amusing one of your children did. It’s widely accepted that the things you focus on last thing at night and first thing in the morning go into your long-term memory – so make sure you remember the good times, not the bad.

4 Incredible Places To Visit In Your Twenties | Travel


Traveling is not just a hobby - it's a way of life. I adore seeing the world and learning new things about myself and places. If you're anything like me, you will have a serious case of wanderlust. If you want to get out there and see new places, there's never been a better time to do so. When you're young, you need to take the opportunity to get out there and see things. It's easier than you might imagine. Stop making excuses and book your next trip now. You'll be glad you did!

1. Prague
The capital of the Czech Republic is an excellent place to start if you want to see some new things. I have found that Prague is one of the most fascinating cities ever. When you decide to take a trip there, ensure that you plan things well. There are many things to do and see, so you don't want to miss out. Highlights include the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. These places are tourist points, so you have to expect them to be a little busy. Make sure you take a camera along with you. There are loads of picturesque places you might want to capture.

2. Berlin
Berlin is a buzzing place that everyone has to visit at least once. If you have never been to Germany before now, Berlin is the perfect place to start. Of course, when you are there, you will need to visit the Berlin Wall. That is super important. That's not all! There are many things to do in Berlin. For example, you might want to head to the Museum Island. You ought to know that Berlin has an exciting cafe and bar scene. When you get there, check out the local area and see what you can discover.5704049580_d0949c4a57_z.jpg

3. London
If you want to stay here in the UK, you should take a day to see London city. Most people take the capital for granted. Since it is so easy to get to, they hardly ever bother to go. Well, that needs to change. We are lucky enough to have one of the most vibrant cities in Europe right here in England. Plan a trip for yourself and enjoy seeing all the best tourist sights. If you stay in a hostel, rather than a hotel, you will save yourself a whole lot of money. Believe me, this little tip will save you a fortune.

4. Sydney
Okay, so this last one is a bit of a long shot, but we can all dream, right? Australia may be thousands and thousands of miles away, but if you get a chance, you have to visit. Sydney is an incredible city. You get the best of both worlds - a gorgeous city atmosphere and some incredible beaches. You have to check out Bondi Beach, which is glorious all year long. The transport in the city is incredible, and so you will find it easy to get around town. What more could you want?

If you're ready for your next big adventure, it's time to start booking it. I hope that my list helps you when it comes to deciding where to go.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Going Back to School in Blue | Fashion

You may have seen from my 'Feeling all Autumnal' blog post here, that I've been starting to introduce more blue into my outfits for the next season. I think this post has turned into a little homage to that the colour combination, and almost reminds me of going back to school and a school uniform.

This is definitely the sort out of outfit I would have worn to work back when I worked in an office as I think it's both stylish, quirky and smart at the same time. I think the brogue-style pumps really add a kick to this outfit too, and just are a little different than the usual style of pointed-toe or round-toe pump I would usually wear on a day to day basis.

To make the shirt and skirt combination a little more smart, I decided to add one of my favourite Primark jackets I bought in the sale a long time ago. I have four of these and each cost only £3. The best impulse purchase I have ever made that can be worn in so many ways and have proved to be a worth staple in my wardrobe. The skirt is really smart, has two cute pockets to the front and can either be worn high-waisted or on the hips. It's not a mini skirt which I like as I'm 5'9, and just comes above the knee on me. I think it would be knee-length on someone a little shorter so it's a good length to wear without tights on the warmer days we seem to be having, and with tights and a Bohemian knit in the Winter.
George Flippy Skirt* | New Look White Linen Stripe Dip Back Shirt | Primark Blue & Black Aztec Print Jacket | Vintage Tan Leather Satchel | Primark Cream Lace Up Brogue Pumps

This blog post has been written in collaboration and may contain product sample(s) or affiliate links; all content contained within, images (unless specified) and opinions are my own.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

How To Ensure Your Fashion Style Is Always A Success | Fashion

Fashion plays an integral role in every woman’s life. Let’s face it, what woman doesn’t like looking her best?

It can be a struggle, though. For starters, most of us aren’t lucky enough to look like Angelina Jolie. Then there’s also the finances and other influential features to take into account. But it’s not all doom and gloom. With a few simple suggestions, you’ll be looking just like you’ve always wanted.

Here are my essential tips to have you looking and feeling and your best at all times.

Start From The Bottom Up
Most girls have a natural obsession with shoes. However, they don’t just tickle our fancy for the sake of it. The right footwear provides a solid foundation for any outfit, regardless of the occasion.

A lot of women try to find shoes to match their outfit. However, it’s often the better choice to work your way up from the feet and use the footwear as your focal point. After all, they are one of the first things that anybody will notice about your look.

Besides, you don’t want to be walking around in shoes that make you feel uncomfortable. Believe us, it will show.

Embrace Accessories
While your outfit and shoes are the key features of building your look, it’s the accessories that can take things to the next level.

If you are a glasses wearer (like me), then it’s imperative that you find a stylish pair to suit your face. Furthermore, costume jewellery can be a great way to add subtle appeal to your face and body. Meanwhile, bags and other items can also be used to enhance your overall look.

The great thing about accessories is that they are often very versatile. Use them to upgrade all of your outfits, and you won’t go far wrong.

Don’t Get Dragged Down By Your Boring Outfits
A new outfit can make a woman feel extremely special. As the months and years roll by, though, falling into the routine of wearing those same clothes time and time again becomes tedious. In fact, it’s just another glowing example of suffering from the cycle of modern day life.

Dresses, Apparel, Clothing, Clothes, Clothes Hangers

While we don’t all have the money to replace our wardrobes every few months, a little creativity will work wonders. With a little extra thought, you can use your old clothes to create new looks or even raise the funds for new items.

Either way, updating your wardrobe on a regular basis is sure to keep you looking fabulous. Besides, no woman will moan about having a few new outfits to try on.

Ensure That Clothes Fit
One of the worst mistakes that any woman can make is buying the wrong size. We all know the negative impact that an ill-fitted bra can make. However, it’s equally important that your outfits are the right size too.

Measuring yourself properly is a crucial factor that no woman can afford to miss out on. Once you know your exact dimensions, you’ll have a much better chance of finding the best clothes to promote your greatest features.

And when you look great, you’ll feel great too.

My Love for Gossip Girl ~ Stationery Edition | Lifestyle & Stationery

It might come to some of you as a surprise that I only started watching Gossip Girl this year. I did try a couple of years ago to watch the first season but I couldn't get into it and just gave it up as a bad job. I think re-watching it this year was the first step towards my Netflix binge.

Anyway, I love the show, it's pretty clear to see that I also have a bit of an obsession with Blair Waldorf. Everything from her look, her personality, her sass, and fashion, just makes me one happy woman. So I decided that I would start a bit of a stationery collection in remembrance of her and the show.

I have seen a couple of notebooks with slogans from the show on before so that gave me a little inspiration, although I did have to Google to find quotes and slogans that I absolutely adored. I love Chroma notebooks and you can find a review of my first one here. I chose to buy another two and have them embossed with 'fashion is the most powerful art there is' and 'what would Blair Waldorf do?'. I also came across these pencils with the same quote on Etsy and had to buy them. I mean you know me, I love having matching stationery!

For the notebooks I chose the Nebraska perfect bound range from their collection of notebooks, the pale green colour is named 'Joanna' and the pale pink shade is called 'Elizabeth'. Both are embossed with gold writing, and the insides are plain white. You might have seen from my above review of Chroma's notebooks that I like the Ryton spiral bound range, and tend to have these with a grid layout as it's easier for me to write in too.

If you don't have your back to college/University stationery sorted, I would definitely check out Chroma Stationery just to see if they can meet your needs. They have also started stocking A4 notebooks as well as the original A5 notebooks too.

I haven't actually started using these notebooks but I'm shortly putting a little 'inspirational quotes and images' shelf up above my desk where I think I will display them rather than using them. They are far too pretty to be used!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Doing Prague with Kids | Travel & My Motherhood Diary

There are lots of incredible places to visit in Europe when you have the kids with you. But I realised that people tend to stick to the areas they know best when it comes to city breaks. They know they can find something to do as a family if they visit Paris, Rome or Berlin. However, there are so many other places that I think families should explore. Prague has become a popular choice for weekend getaways. But families aren't enjoying the city as much as they could be. I've gathered some tips for visiting the capital of the Czech Republic with your family. So you can see it's for kids, as well as adults.

Staying in Prague
Finding a family-friendly place to stay in Prague isn't hard. With all the hotels with family facilities, it's one of the best places for a fabulous city break. Just like hotels in other cities and countries, there are plenty that will provide services for families. Some will offer extra beds, cots or interconnecting rooms. When you start looking at 4-star and 5-star hotels, some of them will offer fantastic perks especially for kids. Try booking into the Malmaison Riverside hotel. There they will pack you a picnic basket for your day out.


Eating in Prague
Prague has a lot of family-friendly restaurants. They are perfect for eating with the kids. Some will offer the standard fare of high chairs and crayons. But others will hold children's attention with their themes. Try eating at the Vytopna Railway Restaurant. It has a miniature railway that delivers drinks to your table. Or you could visit the U Ceskych Panu medieval restaurant. You can eat Czech food in unusual Gothic surroundings. You can find other traditional Czech restaurants too. But there's always pizza if your kids are picky.

Getting About
If your kids love riding trains, boats and other transport, Prague is a great place for it. You can take the funicular railway from Lesser Town to the top of Petrin Hill. You'll find an observation tower at the top. There's also a hall of mirrors, an observatory and a flower garden. Or you can take a cruise on the river. You can have a buffet-style dinner in this informal setting, which is excellent for families. You can sit inside or outside, so kids who have trouble sitting still will have space to explore.

Things to Do
There's a lot for kids to do in Prague, even on a rainy day. Visit the National Marionette to see a puppet show that's sure to delight the whole family. If you would prefer theatre, you can go to the Black Light Theatre for a vibrant and energetic show. Head to Prague Castle to watch the Changing of the Guard, which takes place every hour during the day. There are also towers to climb across the city, as well as playgrounds to play in. And it's a great place to explore by bike.

Prague is a fantastic city to explore as a family. If you're looking for somewhere new for your next holiday, try branching out and visiting the Czech Republic.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Recent Make Up Purchases | Beauty

I haven't really been shopping in a while for anything beauty related apart from the usual toiletries and hair products I've needed to repurchase. This little haul is a collective haul from products that I bought and totally forgot about hidden away in their Boot's bag within a couple of other bags I've yet to sort out. Oops. I also bought a couple of lipsticks to make my BeautyBay order up to £15 for free delivery as I had to repurchase the amazing Paul & Joe Moisture Lip Treatment.

So what have I bought?

Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint & Pencil in shade 'Love is Blonde' costing £10. 
~I've been using my trusty Illamasqua Eye Brow Cake in shade Motto for a year or so and I've found this really matches my eyebrows when my roots are showing however, it seems to be really dark when my hair is freshly dyed so I wanted to find something a little lighter. I've found that 'Love is Blonde' is the perfect shade of blonde to match my eyebrows when they need to be a little bit lighter. The application is fantastic and so quick, I don't need a brush for this either as the pencil is quick enough. I haven't used the tint side of the pencil yet so not quite sure how well that would work. The only downside is that I haven't been able to master the perfect shape for my eyebrows with this yet, so I'm guessing this is where the tint side comes in. I'll have to keep perfecting this.

Two of the Nude lipsticks from the Lasting Finish collection by Kate Moss for Rimmel. Shades 45 and 48 at £5.49 each or two for £10. 
~Okay so basically I bought these lipsticks based on the colour skin colour chart to see which colours would suit me. 45 was for pale skin with cool undertones, and 48 was to suit all skin tones. And I hate them both. I actually can't stand either of them at all. Neither work with my skin tone at all and 48 (the darker shade) left me looking like a clown. I've only tried them on once when I was applying my make up for work and I always get a little stressed around that time, so maybe I should give them a go when playing around with make up looks. But if I'm being honest, I'm not so sure I'll love them then. Lets just put that down to a big mistake and try again!

Two of the Beauty Bay Collection Lipsticks. Shades Elegant Rose and Berry Fever. £2.50 and £1.25.
~As mentioned above, I bought these lipsticks just to bring my order up to £15 for free delivery. I quite like these shades, Elegant Rose is a shade I can pretty much wear all the time, and Berry Fever will really compliment my hair over the next couple of seasons. Both are easy to apply, moist and leave a really lovely sheen and balm. They don't last very well but for the price I wasn't expecting them to, but they are definitely good lipsticks for the price.

Friday, 11 September 2015

7 Days, 7 Outfits #ToddlerStyle #BabyStyle #WBabyWT | My Motherhood Diary & Fashion

With Dexter starting nursery this week and Autumn approaching us instantly, I've had to think a lot about his clothes. What will he wear for nursery? Should he just go in 'messy' clothes in case he's painting and drawing? Should I invest in a pair of outdoor shoes for him just in case? Honestly, it has been quite a bit of a nightmare, and there have been a lot more things I've had to take into consideration. To sum it up, basically I feel like my toddler is growing up and heading off to 'school'.

Ever since Dex has been young, I've always bought his clothes from George. They have a great range of baby clothes at very reasonable prices, and lets be honest we all know that children's clothes don't last very long, get incredibly stained and all kinds of marks from things we didn't know exist.

I've been thinking a lot about co-ordinating his outfits to ensure maximum wear from his clothes this time. He's getting older, clothes are costing more and more too. I bought him a fantastic waterproof parka from TU at Sainsbury's which cost £22. I know that doesn't seem expensive but knowing I can pick up the same sort of coat from Primark shocked me a little bit. Hence, the 7 days and 7 outfits challenge.

For this challenge I've used a pair of jeans and a pair of tracksuit bottoms, teamed with a hoody, and four t-shirts for a mix and match set of outfits that can be co-ordinated with each other to create a wardrobe staple for your toddler. I must admit after this challenge I honestly have no idea why I spend so much money on clothes for Dexter, he doesn't need multiple pairs of trousers from Next (that I'm keeping for 'best' and I've stuffed in the wardrobe for the past two months).

The best part? The budget. I spent less than £45 on the clothes for this challenge. Knowing how long the clothes will last, and of course the quality, means that these will definitely last him a long time. Especially until he grows out of these too.

A big thanks to George for letting me participate in their toddler and baby style challenge. I definitely think I've hit the spot with these outfits. Plus, I know that Dexter will be comfortable in everything he wears and that he's bang on trend too.

I'm a little disappointed that I had to display outfit photos on the floor as I would have loved to have taken photos of Dex in his new outfits, although lets be honest, it's pretty hard to get a really active 21 month old toddler to stand still for more than a second! He's at the terrible two stage just a little bit early, and as you can imagine threw a little bit of a tantrum. He did quieten down when he saw Spider-Man and dinosaurs though!

Why not have a look on Twitter under the #WBabyWT hashtag and see what other bloggers and their little ones have come up with for this tag? I hope their little ones have been easier to work with!

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