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Your Guide To Getting All Dressed Up For A First Date | Lifestyle

You’ve bagged yourself a date with the perfect guy - hopefully, anyway, and you want to ensure that you get his attention. Instead of doing the usual panicked search through your wardrobe a couple of hours before for an outfit, shop in advance.

First dates can be stressful, especially if they are with someone who you don’t know very well. Sitting down to eat dinner with a guy you've met once is always going to be daunting. But if there’s a chance that something amazing could come of it, it’s worth all the hassle.

To make an impact (and a great first impression), choosing a fabulous outfit is crucial. However, there is no need to stress out about it, as I’ve got you covered.
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Shop at least three days before
As the big night gets closer, the chances are that you will start to get nervous. This will make shopping for the perfect outfit impossible, as you will be too stressed out to think clearly.

Shopping when you are feeling stressed is a nightmare. Nothing looks quite right; every outfit makes you look fat, and anything that you do like is just too expensive. That’s why, it’s a good idea to shop for your outfit a few days before so that you are chilled out.

Double up
If the location of the date hasn’t been confirmed yet, it’s best to have two outfits ready. One should be casual and the other a little more formal, that way whatever destination he picks, you have something that will wow him.

For a date to the cinema, a bar or a casual restaurant, skinnies, a printed blouse and a pair of heels is the perfect combination. If the date is in a posh restaurant or the theatre, a sophisticated dress and cardigan is a good outfit choice.

Plan your accessories in advance
As well as choosing what you are going to wear before the big night, think about your accessories. On the night itself, you could end up running late getting ready, so knowing what little extras you want to add to your outfit is a good idea.

The type of jewelry that you opt for will depend on whether you choose to go with the formal or casual outfit. Or, you could choose pieces that work for both looks, so not matter what, you're covered. As well as earrings, a necklace and bracelets, think about any other items that could add style to your look.

Today, many watch styles, like Skagen watches, are designed to help add an extra sparkle. They work well for both casual and formal events, and so are ideal for wearing on a first date. When you’re on a date, it’s nice to be able to casually check the time without having to get your phone out. Wearing a watch is perfect for this, as well, of course, for adding extra style.

Wear something red
If you want to add a burst of brightness to your look, opt for something red. Whether that’s a read necklace or a red top, it doesn’t matter.

Research has shown that according to men, red is the sexiest colour a woman can wear. So if you want your date to fall head over heels for you, wear something red.

First dates are daunting, there’s no two ways about it. However, by dressing confidently, you can make your first date a little less nerve-wracking.

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