Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Sexy Summer Fashion Suggestions for the Modern Woman | Fashion

As a girl who’s fashion conscious, I like to come up with wacky and wonderful fashion suggestions. Here are a few you might want to think about yourself.
Change Your Look
When it comes to sexy summer fashion ideas, I have plenty. But the one I want to start with is changing your look. Now you can do this in quite a few ways. For starters, you might think about giving yourself a makeover. Then it’s going to be a case of changing your wardrobe. Use this as an opportunity to reinvent yourself and be whoever you want to be. I like to change my look now and then. It leaves me feeling fresh and stunning. Try to do the same yourself.
As women, our bread and butter when it comes to fashion is accessorising. I can’t tell you the number of outfits I’ve transformed through the use of accessories. And the best thing is that whatever your outfit is you should be able to find something to complement it. Whether it’s jewellery, belts, or a fascinator, accessories play a huge role in fashion. And that’s why there are accessory stores like Claire’s to help keep us stocked up.
Do It Yourself
Something I’ve noticed seems to be making a bit of a comeback of late is designing your own clothes. See, this phenomenon was hugely popular when I was younger, and then became less so. But now it seems to be ‘in’ again. One of my closest friends designs her own shoes and handbags. But there’s also the opportunity to do t-shirts and other items of clothing too. And the great news is that these days all this can be done online. I paid a visit to instathreds.co to see what they were offering. I would suggest checking them out too if you want to design your own t-shirts.
Be Colourful
One of the best things about the summer is it’s a great excuse to get a bit wacky. Use the warm sunshine to get a little experimental. You should choose bright, vibrant and colourful outfits. These will make you stand out, and help you express yourself. The summer is the best time of year to do this. You can get away with being colourful and a little bit ‘out there’. I’m a sucker for a bright, eye-catching summer outfit. So I’ll be donning the pinks and yellows when I go out in the sun this year.
Hunt for Bargains
Now, just because I’ve said bargains doesn’t mean you should buy cheap clothes. On the contrary. Cheap stuff will not last as long, and it looks cheap. What I’m suggesting is finding good quality items that are on offer on in the sale. Charity shops can be a gold mine for these sorts of bargains. You need to know a bit about what you’re looking for. But you can unearth some real gems by taking this approach. I absolutely love trawling around charity shops in search of my latest bargain. Make sure you start doing the same - you’ll thank me later!
I love to get creative with fashion idea in the summer. It’s perhaps the most versatile season in terms of clothes. Have a think about the sorts of things you enjoy wearing. There’s bound to be a summer variation. Make sure you think hard about my sexy suggestions that will leave you turning heads!  


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