Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My four step guide to keeping your feet summer ready all year round | Beauty

In England the weather comes and goes as it pleases, meaning we can have summer in the middle of October or snow in the middle of August. This means that we can never quite have summer-ready feet, as summer can spring itself on us whenever mother nature pleases. Lets take this year, summer has only just started and we're in the middle of August.

This doesn't mean that you can't have a pedicure routine that is simple to keep up to all year round, meaning that you can have summer-ready feet in all seasons. With my simple step by step guide you can have a quick at-home pedicure on a weekly basis as part of your pampering session. It's very simple to keep up to this routine too, meaning you have no excuses when Spring comes along and you start showing your feet again, they will definitely be summer ready.

Step one: make sure you remove the dead skin from your heels and other areas of you feet using the Scholl Velvet Smooth* express pedi. The idea behind this is similar to a pumice stone except without all the hard labour. You simply turn the product on and roll it over your feet until they are smooth. I tend to roll it left to right to for stubborn skin. The new express pedi comes with diamond crystals in the roller head designed to remove stubborn, hard skin quicker without leaving your feet sore like other roller pedi devices on the market. I've been using this for quite some time and I absolutely love it. It's easily become a quick part of my pedicure routine.

Step two: use a foot scrub or exfoliator. Recently I've discovered a great range of foot care for very reasonable prices and these have easily fallen into my routine too. The foot scrub will remove any leftover dead skin from the express pedi above, and will remove and other skills cells left on your feet, making them smooth and soft and ready for the next step. My favourite, as pictured, is The Foot Factory Foot Scrub, Peppermint 177 ml and contains walnut grains to exfoliate whilst the peppermint cools and soothes your feet.

Step three: foot soak. If you have the luxury of a foot spa then go ahead, but unfortunately a lot of us only have the option of a bucket. Note to self - must buy a foot spa! With a foot soak, you can apply under running water to create a few bubbles and relaxation for your feet, or you can apply like a shower gel and clean your feet with it. The Foot Factory Foot Soak, Peppermint 177 ml, as it contains peppermint, leaves your feet and legs feeling cool, so this product is perfect to apply or soak your feet after you've been on your legs all day, or had a hard day at work to relive stress too.

Step four: The last step. To ensure that your feet stay silky soft and smooth you have to ensure your feet have a lot of moisture in the skin. There are several foot lotions on the market, but my favourite is The Foot Factory Foot Lotion, Peppermint 177 ml, yet again the peppermint is soothing and cooling to your skin so would be excellent to apply to the legs too. This particularly moisturiser is extra hydrating and contains extra essential moisturisers to keep your feet and legs hydrated.

It would be worth sticking to this four-step pedicure regime on a weekly basis however, always ensure your feet and hydrated so for step four it might be worth apply moisturiser every couple of days to ensure they are smooth and velvet-soft all year around.

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