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Glasses Are The King Of Fashion Accessories! And Here's Why... | Beauty

For years, people with glasses have been something of an easy target. Apparently, having poor eyesight and needing glasses is hilarious! Many a person has worn some specs and been called ‘four-eyes’ by a comedic genius with perfect eyesight. Now, though, glasses wearers are the ones laughing. It turns out that glasses aren't actually that geeky at all. In fact, they’re pretty damn cool.

These days, glasses have become a must-have fashion accessory for almost anyone. No doubt you’ve seen some of your fave celebs wearing glasses on the red carpet. You probably thought; hang on, they haven’t worn glasses before?! More and more people are wearing glasses because they look cool. But why? What makes the simple spectacle such a sought after fashion item? Well, if you read on, you just might find out!

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The great thing about glasses is that they come in so many different styles. There’s literally a style for anyone. This is part of the reason they’ve become so popular, so many different groups can wear them. One of the most popular style of glasses in recent times have been the ‘hipster’ glasses. These are usually quite big wayfarer glasses that come in various colours. And then you have all the other different styles too. There are circle-rimmed glasses that give a unique style and compliment certain outfits. You’ll normally find someone looking for a casual rockstar look going for small circle-rimmed glasses.

There are loads of other styles and varieties too, but I can’t go through them all! At the end of the day, you get the point I’m making here. Glasses are very stylish and appeal to people of various styles. No matter what look you’re going for, there will be glasses for you.

Lens Or No Lens

You may be reading this and assuming that only people with bad eyesight can wear glasses. And, yes, a lot of the time people who wear glasses actually need them. However, it’s become common for people to buy glasses without prescription lenses. They either get them with a lens fitted that does nothing to enhance eyesight. Or, they just have the lenses taken out completely, which makes for a very quirky look.

Don’t be worried by this if you do need glasses. You can still get plenty of varifocal glasses online as well as other prescription lenses. And, they’ll still look just as stylish! What I’m trying to say here is that glasses are popular because anyone can wear them. You don’t have to damage your eyesight just to be able to look good in glasses!

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Another great thing about glasses is that they can be colourful. Never underestimate the power that a little colour can do for a look. Something as simple as a splash of red from your glasses can do wonders. The great thing is; they come in so many different colours. Think of your favourite colour, and I bet they do glasses, in that shade, for you. It’s always handy to have a colourful little accessory to give your outfits something of a boost.

Plus, it means you can buy a number of glasses frames in different colours and just swap out the lenses (if you need them). By doing this, you can mix and match colours depending on moods/seasons. For example, in the summer, you can wear lots of bright coloured glasses. Whereas, in the winter, you can go for plainer shades of white, grey and blue.

Brands, Brands, Brands

One of the main reasons glasses have become popular is because of the brands. Some of the biggest names in fashion are making pairs of glasses. People are deciding to buy glasses just because they’re made by a certain brand. They want that brand recognition; they want to catch people’s eyes. When they go out for coffee, they want the waiter to notice their new Armani specs. It sounds superficial, but we all like to wear fancy things. Sometimes, an expensive pair of branded glasses can take a whole outfit to the next level.

Eye Contact

Have you ever noticed that when you speak to someone, you tend to make eye contact? I know, crazy, right?! But, people in fashion have started to realise that you spend most of your time looking at other people’s faces. And guess where you wear glasses? On your face! So, glasses have now become such an important accessory. People are going to be looking at your face all day, so a nice pair of glasses won’t go unnoticed.

It’s funny how glasses have gone from being an embarrassing thing, to a very fashionable one. So, if you’re looking for a new accessory, why not try some non-prescription glasses? Or, if you always wear contacts, now’s the time to switch back to some stylish specs!

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