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DIY Decor Ideas for Your Bathroom | Lifestyle

I just love getting my DIY hat on, and creative DIY decor for my home is one of my favourite things to do. Lately I’ve decided to focus on my bathroom, and I thought a few of you might appreciate my tips. Here are my DIY decor ideas - hope you like them!

Make Your Own Funky Wallpaper
I love the idea of making your own funky wallpaper. You’ll get lots of compliments on it, and you’ll be super proud when you can tell people you made it yourself! You’ll probably inspire all of your friends to do the same! Use the pages out of a vintage book, for example, to make something quirky! You could even make some of your own accessories if you want your bathroom to be especially unique.

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Include a Feature Wall
A feature wall in the bathroom is a must. It can give depth, and make the place look so much more fun. Do it with tiles, paint, or wallpaper. You can find inspiration online to suit your tastes, so you’ll never be short of ideas. It’s a really quick and easy way to give your bathroom a new look!

DIY Toilet Seat Design
Rather than buy a boring old toilet seat, why not create your own cool toilet seat design? You could hand paint a design, or use decals to funk it up say Bathshop321. Acrylic is another good option!

Use Stains and Paint to Create a New Look
If you have wooden elements in your bathroom that you really can’t be bothered or afford to replace, use stains and paint to create a new look. Staining and painting the wood will make it look completely new if you do a good job. It’s pretty easy to do, even for a beginner. If you’d rather get a distressed look to make your furniture look older, you can do this with sandpaper.

Update Your Product Bottles
Take a look at your product bottles for a sec. I think that sometimes, as much as I love certain brands, they can mess up the look of the bathroom. I like to make them more uniformed by putting them into clear glasses/bottles. I label them if I need to, but this looks so much tidier than different brands all over the place!

Create a Cool Towel Holder
A cool towel holder will differentiate your bathroom from the rest. A funky storage solution is the way forward! There are lots of ways you can do this, but my favourite idea is a metal laundry basket on wheels. Something like this would look amazing in a vintage or shabby chic style bathroom.

Invest in a new Shower
You can pick up new showers for a small price now, adding a new one will modernise your bathroom even if you're on a budget. How about looking at these Daryl Showers?

Use a Tray Tree for Storage
Take a tray tree, the kind you’d probably put cupcakes on, and use it for storage in the bathroom. Layer on your makeup and products that you use regularly in there to tidy things up. You’ll be able to find things much easier when you’re getting ready in the morning!

Try these DIY ideas for your bathroom and you’ll personalise it and make it unique. If you have any great tips you’d like to share with me, feel free. Come back soon for more!

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  1. I really liked this post - I am doing a major design overhaul in my flat and you have given me some pretty good ideas that I am now going to include in one of my bathrooms.

    Jo x