Saturday, 4 July 2015

What you should do with clothes you no longer wear | Fashion

We’ve all got clothes that we no longer wear. If I emptied my wardrobe and took away all of the clothes I don’t wear, I’d have two t-shirts and one pair of jeans left over. That doesn’t mean I’m going to hoard clothes that I don’t love anymore for the sake of it. I’m going to use the advice in this guide. Here’s what you should do with clothes you no longer wear:

Customise Them
Don’t resign to yourself to getting rid of them right away - see if you can customise them instead! You can customise old clothes so many different ways. You could add badges, patches, studs, colour, or something else entirely. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you could even transform it into a completely different item.

Hold a Clothes Swap With Friends
Your friends probably have a load of clothes you like, and you probably have a load that they like. Why not hold a clothes swap? You both get clothes that are new to you for free that way, and you get to have a catch up in the process. It’s a really simple way to re-vamp your look!

Take Them to a Car Boot Sale
A car boot sale is a good way to make cash on the spot for your old clothes. It can cost a little to set up a stand, but if you create a nice display you could end up making a lot of money!

Sell Them Online
Selling clothes online is a guaranteed way to get money for your clothes without having to take the time to make a display. You should however make sure they are nicely presented. You can do this by taking high quality, pretty pictures and using mannequins to show off how they fit. You can get female, male, and even more mannequins depending on what you need.

Give Them to Charity
If you don’t think anybody will want to buy your old clothes, or you’d just like to do a good deed, you can always give them to charity. Charity shops are always grateful for the things you give them, but make sure you only give them quality items that they can sell on.

Recycle Them
Recycling your clothes is an option - there are lots of different websites that give tips on doing this. You can even take them to a drop off point for your clothes to be sent to countries in need. Some places will give you a small amount of money per bag you drop off too.

Don’t Hoard Them!
Whatever you do, don’t hoard your clothes if you no longer wear them. If you can picture yourself without this item, then there’s a good chance you’ll be just fine without it. The clothes sitting in your wardrobe unworn could go to a more loving home!

If you use these tips, you’ll make space, money, and could even end up with some new items that you love! Have fun!

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