Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The ultimate guide to summer beauty trends | Beauty

Summer is here, which means it’s not just time to update the wardrobe and get the skirts out. Oh no! Every good woman knows they have to update their beauty regime too. What was working for you in winter isn’t necessarily going to work for you in summer. Your skin needs different things and there are plenty of new beauty trends to try out. If you want to stay in vogue this summer then follow this ultimate beauty guide.

Flawless Skin
When the sun comes out, most of us want to wear less makeup. Not only does it help us tan, but it looks better too. Nobody needs eyeliner melting down their face in this heat. If you want to pull off the natural look, then you need to work on flawless skin. Up your skincare routine as the summer draws in. You want to focus on keeping a clean and clear complexion. Drink plenty of water and keep your face cleansed regularly. This will all help you pull off that flawless skin look. If you’re struggling then consider investing in a BB cream or tinted moisturiser. It will give you that natural look, with a little bit of coverage.

Big Eyes
This summer it’s all about the big and bold eyes. If you’re going to be wearing minimal makeup then a sweep of mascara should do the trick. If you find that your eyes are puffy or tired looking, then perhaps blepharoplasty is the way to go. This will open your eyes up on a more permanent basis. Great for those who are worried about small peepers. There are obviously ways you can fake the big eye look too, however. White eyeliner on the inside of your lower eyelid works wonders. As does a winged eyeliner effect, which can make them look wider. Play around with different eyeshadow techniques to see which works best for you.

Contouring was so last year. Now, it’s all about the strobing. This is a technique that focuses mainly on using highlighter where light would generally hit your face. Less of the dark and light patches everywhere, like contouring. You still need a powder that’s a couple of shades darker than your natural skin tone. This is just to create a slight shadow. However, it’s far less intense than contouring. And quite frankly, I think it looks better. Practice your strobing technique in front of a mirror until you’ve got it down pat. You can then show off your new, strobed face.

Micellar Water
A must-have in any beauty routine nowadays. You’ve probably seen micellar water everywhere recently. It’s become a huge thing, especially for summer! Instead of loadsa harsh chemicals on your face, this a far safer way to cleanse. It was originally designed for Parisian women, who had to deal with harsh water on their faces. Now, it’s so in vogue all over the world. You can find them in most cosmetics stores, from just a few dollars up to a small fortune. See which one works best for you.

These are the ultimate summer beauty trends for 2015. Are you on top of them all?

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  1. I'm all for less makeup! So tired of the heat melting it off. I surprisingly got a tan somehow... even though I've been a hermit lol

    I had thought that strobing was just for pictures? Too many people commented on it saying it looked ridiculous in daily life. I barely have any highlighter so I can't test it out on myself. D: