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6 things you can't beat about being on holiday | Lifestyle & Travel

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Most people would agree that holidays are one of the greatest times of our lives, and they tend to play an increasingly important part of modern life. After spending weeks and months slogging it out at work, we all deserve a break from time to time. What’s more, we owe it to ourselves to make the most of that time away.

It doesn’t matter if you travel 10 miles or 10 hours, and the chance to get away for a short while is one of life’s blessings. We all have different ideas about what makes the perfect holiday. Nonetheless, here are six things about vacations that just can’t be beaten by life back home.

Experiencing New Activities
Life is about trying new things and holidays are the best place to do this. Whether it’s enjoying the offerings of Sweden, or the beaches of California, these experiences will provide life lasting memories.

Holidays are a time for fun, but also allow us to grow as humans. Experiencing new activities is great for body, mind, and soul.

Trying New Food
In today’s world, most cities provide a selection of food from around the globe. However, you can’t beat tucking into these cuisines in the country they are from.

There are plenty of magnificent street dishes around the world. Treating your tastebuds is easily one of the best things about the holiday. And being on vacation removes the guilt too. Result!

The Little Life Of Luxury
Holidays offer a chance to break away from the norm, and there’s arguably no better way to do that then spend a few nights living the life of luxury.

A nice hotel room is great. But renting a luxury villa from a website like, for example, could turn a great holiday on the Seminyak beach resort of Bali into a once in a lifetime experience. If you’re travelling in a group, this extra comfort and privacy is a must.

Buying New Outfits
A holiday doesn’t start from the moment you board the plane. Oh no, it starts the second you try on a new outfit.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve bought new clothes online or from the local high street, it is a moment like no other. Not only have you treated yourself, it also adds a sense of realism to the holiday itself. Now the countdown can really begin.

Meeting New People
Back home, we tend to be a little reserved and cold. However, something about being holiday turns us into more confident, friendlier people. This added warmth has to be one of the greatest things about visiting a foreign land.

Meeting new people will unquestionably improve your holiday experience. Moreover, modern social media technology makes it easy to stay in touch with holiday friends too. What more incentive could you need?

Not Being At Work
The final point is quite self-explanatory. It doesn’t matter how much you love your job, nobody could honestly say they’d rather be stuck in the office than sitting on a beach enjoying a nice cocktail.

It’s easy to forget that the main purpose of work is so that we can enjoy a better personal life. Holidays play a key role. Enjoy them.

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  1. Food is a big one for me when holidaying. It's a great excuse to eat out every night and try all of the local delicacies.

    Lisa | Not Quite Enough