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Fun Finger Puppets with Sykes Cottages | Lifestyle & DIY

A few weeks back I was challenged by Sykes Cottages to create a couple of finger puppets from a box of amazing crafty and creative items. I checked out their blog post 'simple craft guide' for a few ideas and inspiration however, I thought I would add a little twist with a couple of ideas from Pinterest. Although the outcome was certainly lower than 'beginner' standard, and definitely not Pinterest-worthy. Although saying that, I was trying to do these alongside a paint-covered 18 month old toddler that was quickly loosing his patience painting and wanted to play with my needles and glue. Eep.

For a quick alternative to stitching, I decided I would glue together my puppets which unfortunately were played with before they finished drying and Dexter did make a complete mess from these. Oh well, he wanted to help mummy. So my puppets are incredibly basic, but due to the timing component, a small person wanting to help, and being covered in paint, I have really, really rushed these. Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, they are completely un-Pintrest-worthy and look a mess. I wish I had a lot more time on my hands or had done these in the evening, but I think Dexter has added his spin on things too.

So, up first we have a simple pipe cleaner finger puppet. These are pretty quick and easy to make, but are still super fun for children.

1. Pick out your pipe cleaner, eyes, and a matching pom pom.
2. Wrap the pipe cleaner around your finger, leaving enough space to pull back the ears/wings.
3. Glue on a pom pom for the face.
4. When the pom pom is dry, glue on the eyes and leave to dry.
5. Done!
My second puppet of the day was a panda one. We do love pandas in our household!

What you will need:
Two colours of felt, black and white.
Black pen to draw detailing.
And of course, glue.
1. Cut out a black back, and a white front. Cut out black circles for the eyes, ears and a couple of hands.
2. Glue the back to the front.
3. Glue the ears, eyes and hands on to the panda.
4. Stick the eyes on to the black eye circles.
5. Draw on a mouth with the black pen.
6. Done!
And last but no least, we made a dinosaur.

Similarly to the panda, you will need:
Two colours of green felt, one dark and one lighter for the tail.
Black pen to draw detailing.

1. Cut out a front and back in the dark green colour. Although I cheated here and just folded over the felt then cut around it.
2. Cut out a light green spiky tail for the dinosaur.
3. Glue the tail to the back of the puppet.
4. Glue on the eyes.
5. Draw on a mouth with the black pen.
6. Done!
Let everything completely dry before you let the little ones have a play, and I wouldn't recommend having small parts around children but Dexter is always completely supervised when playing with small items like this, and not very often. Lets call this his treat toy.

What do you think? I know they are pretty messy and my craft skills are an abomination but I had so much fun creating these. A big thanks to Sykes Cottages for sending me goodies (including sweeties which kept Dexter pretty happy throughout!) and lots of craft bits to make these puppets. They have so many good guides over on their site so you should check them out if you're interested in beginner crafts.

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