Tuesday, 9 June 2015

7 Tips to Look and Feel Great This Summer | Beauty

Looking great for your holiday or your trip to the sunshine often takes some work and effort. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of different tips and hints that will ensure you look great and might also take some of the work out of your efforts. So, let’s take a look at how to look great for this summer.

Shimmer can be a great look and is very in this summer. So, why not try some when you’re sporting bare arms or a short skirt? The best way to do so is to mix up moisturiser and illuminator and then just rub it into the area you wish to highlight.

Juicy Lips
Bright sheer glosses look great during the summer – so choose those. Of course, one of the issues is air conditioning, as it can dry out lips. Use a balm for hydrating such as Lancome Baume, it looks great and it will ensure your lips remain healthy looking

Get your smile out this summer. A smile is one of the best ways to portray healthiness and happiness, so why not show it off. Healthy smiles are one of those things that tend to make seem happy and studies show the more we smile the better our mood. If you want to make some changes to teeth why not consider an orthodontic treatment from hampsteadortho.co.uk such as Invasalign to straighten teeth and achieve an enviable smile?

Mascara can ensure you only have to place on the minimum amount of eye makeup. So, why not choose some new, waterproof mascara and pump up the volume of your lashes. The water proof versions come with anti-smudge protection and will ensure you look great for now and also the long after you put it on.

It’s not just the sea that should be making waves in the summer time. Why not define your curls with a hydrator. It will help ensure that they look great and give you that natural look that works so well in the summer time.

Faux Base Tan
There are so many great tan products out there at the moment and plenty of great products, such as Australian Gold Sheer Coverage Faces from Australian Gold. It will help ensure that you build up the colour on your legs gradually over a period and also works as a sun screen to ensure that your body and your legs are protected from any skin damage.

Sun and chlorine from the swimming pool can cause all sorts of issues for your hair. Garnier however has a solution with its oil and spritz addition for your hair. It also works well on the skin or for manicures and should be packed in your bag.

So, these seven tips can help ensure you look great and feel great this summer when out and about enjoying the sun.

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