Thursday, 7 May 2015

Toddler Style #1 | Motherhood Diary

This is the first real post I've written about Dexter's style. When he was a baby it was so difficult to get him to stay still for more than a second to take photos of his outfits. He's even worse now as a toddler but hopefully I can catch him in action poses and snap a couple of shots. I have absolutely no idea how anyone can take shots of their child if they are anything like mine! Dexter is constantly on his feet and running around, from morning until night.

So here we go with our first outfit! It's a little mismatched today as the baseball cap doesn't quite go with the outfit but I really struggle to find them without a print. Answers on a postcard please! 
H&M baseball cap (this seasons but not on the website) | Next dinosaur t-shirt (last season) | Mini Club at Boots mustard chinos (this season but not on the website) | Clark's blue Doodles Little Chap first shoes £18.00

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