Sunday, 24 May 2015

Events on in Sheffield 2015 | Lifestyle & Travel

Sheffield is famous for its unique cultural events that impress even the most sophisticated traveller. Apart from the fact that the city is famous for its world-renowned universities, the city government exerts every effort to expand the glory of the city and make it an interesting destination not only because of its affordable student accommodation Sheffield.

Every year Sheffield hosts many different festivals, concerts, exhibitions. In this regard 2015 is no exception. This year for a few weeks Sheffield turns into a real anthill of fans of billiards, journalists and various international observers. All of them come here to take part in the annual Snooker Championship held in the late spring.

During the warmer months Sheffield hosts an incredibly beautiful historical festival. The festival highlights not only the local culture, but also the history of faraway countries. The participants can learn a lot of interesting things about ancient Greece and Rome and watch the battles of the Vikings.

Sheffield summer 2015 schedule offers another festival of food, traditionally held in the center of the city. This year's event promises to be even more delightful and tastier than ever! More than 40 thousand people gather annually in the city center to try delicious dishes for every taste. The variety of activities is impressive: here you will find everything from food markets to gastronomic master classes. The main aim of the festival is to show the diversity and magnificence of the local culinary art.

The first weekend of July-2015 hosts the annual music festival. No wonder that Sheffield has the fame of the best place for music concerts and festivals!

In October and November-2015 Sheffield will hold the International Documentary Film Festival - Sheffield Doc/Fest. This is the film market, the presentation of documentary films to the public, the leading forum for independent producers, broadcasters, students, filmmakers. This is the most important documentary film festival in the UK. After all, Sheffield is one of the key points for the documentary industry as a whole, a place for the largest industry players - representatives of the BBC, Channel 4, ARTE and others that make documentary films.

Throughout October the city will also host the festival of comedy - you will have a chance to enjoy the unique English humor of the best comedians.

Lively and harmonious, filled with unique atmosphere, Sheffield is an ideal holiday destination for those who decide to visit it in 2015.


  1. Ooh I never really think of heading to Sheffield. It seems that it's getting more & more popular with plenty of things going on, the shopping sounds great too. It sounds like I should be heading there more often!
    Bee xxx

    1. I love it there, and I certainly don't go enough. It's very similar to Nottingham, I love a good Uni city! :) x