Thursday, 16 April 2015

Party Preparation Advice You Shouldn't Ignore | Lifestyle

I don’t know about you, but I am loving this warm weather! It’s got me thinking a little about fun things to look forward to; mainly parties! I love a fun party, and I’m sure you do too. Preparing a party can be a hassle, but it’s always so worth it once your guests have arrived and you’re having a blast. I just want you to know that you’re not alone; no one likes party planning as much as the actual partying. This advice will help to see you through the planning stages so you can let your hair down when the time comes:

Come Up With a Definite Guest List
Every party needs a definite guest list. When you have your numbers, you can plan things much better. You’ll know how much food you need, booze, and the size of the venue required. Who will enhance the party atmosphere and make things even better? Add them to your list! Bear in mind that the bigger your list, the more expensive your party.

Make Your Invitations
Invitations will give everybody the opportunity to get the time off if they need it, and add the date to their calendar. I love making things like this as it adds that personal, quirky touch. If you’re short on time you can always just buy them - especially if you’re inviting a lot of people.

Think of a Fun Theme
Parties don’t have to have a theme, but they can be so much better with one! You’ll have something to base your outfits and decorations around. You could get really creative and have it based around your favourite program, band, or something similar. Having a theme makes it all so much more exciting, in my opinion!

Find the Perfect Venue
The venue is the backdrop to your party. The perfect venue will look great, help to set the scene, and will enable your guests to have a fantastic time. Make sure you read the rules of the venue so you know what will be expected of everybody once they’ve arrived. You’ll need to think of your venue hire as far in advance as possible to make sure you get the place of your choice. You could always have it at home if you’re more into house parties!

Look for Entertainment
All parties need a little entertainment. You might want to set up DJs, playlists, games, or photobooths. You could even have an artist on hand to paint people’s faces! It all depends on the occasion and your party style.
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Design a Simple Menu
Your guests will more than likely expect to be fed, so design a simple menu to avoid too much hassle. If you don’t mind spending chunk of money, you could order pizza in! Pizza is always appreciated and won’t be of any hassle to you.

Consider Purchasing Booze for Your Guests
Free booze goes a long way and people will remember your party if you create a fun Pimms cocktail, for instance. People are simple creatures; feed and water them and they’ll usually be happy.

Of course, you might want to alter this advice depending on the occasion. You might have a birthday, wedding, or anniversary to plan. Just use this advice as a loose guide to ensure everybody has the best time...including you!


  1. Great tips =] I need a good idea for my birthday this year, im turning 25 in September =]

    1. Aw that's a good age! I'm hitting 30 and I haven't made any plans, but it's in December so plenty of time left! x