Saturday, 11 April 2015

My Life This Week | Lifestyle

My life this week has been very hectic. I still have a very dodgy back but it seems to be getting a lot better and that's one thing I feel much happier with. The weather has been amazing so I've been taking advantage of that, sitting in the garden and playing with Dexter, attempting to be green-fingered and getting my DIY on.

However, it hasn't all been plain sailing, Dexter ended up in hospital for a couple of days with a raging temperature which everyone was extremely concerned about. After tests and having a very upset and anxious baby (I've never seen him like that before and it was terrifying) they ruled that he had a viral infection. Luckily his temperature went as soon as it came on and we were finally allowed home. He's still a bit off it now but doing much better.  We were treated extremely poorly in A&E, having to wait over three hours to be assessed, and only being seen because I'd stripped him down to his nappy when he was boiling and bright red, and rushing him into one of the rooms myself to be seen; even though I'd advised reception three times that he needed urgent attention. I'm not sure what happened there, I understand the NHS is under extreme stress as I used to work there myself however, seeing an older child (perhaps 10) with a twisted ankle before a baby with an extremely high temperature is not on in my book. The children's ward completely agreed with me on this point so there will be a formal complaint. Anyway, we are all good now, home safe and sound and he's on the mend which is the main point.
So this week I've started to read The Great Zoo of China by Matthew Reilly. He is my favourite author and I'm happy to say I own every book he's written. His books are fast paced, full of action and thrill, and remind me a lot of Indiana Jones. This book is themed around dragons, mythology and advancement; I'm already halfway though and anticipate I'll be done within the next couple of days! Normally once I receive his latest book I sit down until I finish it however, with a small person that makes it a little bit difficult.
Now I've finished Pretty Little Liars and it's left a huge hole in my heart, I needed to fill it with something else. Countless times have I attempted to was Gossip Girl and failed because although there is something about it that makes it pretty good, the same can be same that makes it pretty bad. This time however, it's acting as a 'treat' for studying, and the fact each episode is around 40 minutes means I can achieve quite a bit of reading and watching within one night.
The weather has been fabulous in West Yorkshire this week (apart from today but we shall ignore that) so we've been eating al fresco. BBQ's are a big must for my family and we would probably have one every day if we could. My dad's birthday was last month so we bought him a new BBQ and he loves it, so as you may have guessed we've been taking advantage of it and have had a couple this week.
One of my favourite drinks is lemon and ginger tea. There is no actual tea involved however, it's simply either chunks or grated ginger, sliced lemon and hot water. I sometimes add a little honey for sweetness but that's all it takes. It's a quick and easy detox drink that you can keep filling up during the day, is great for if you're feeling a little off and need something with antibacterial properties as a pick me up, and it's popular in China.


  1. Oh no what a nightmare with Dexter, you must have been beside yourself! Thank goodness he's on the mend. I love having the first BBQ of the year... but will be waiting for it to warm up a little more here first...! x

    1. Honestly it was terrible, but we're back to normal now. The weather over the next couple of months is due to be a lot warmer so get thinking! x

  2. I love a good BBQ, aint had one in ages =]

    1. Well apparently over the next couple of months it's going to be super warm, so you need to start thinking soon :P x

  3. Oh Michelle, that must have been so scary for you! I'm so glad he's ok....and I hope your back is better soon xxx