Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Getting Green in the Garden | Lifestyle

Now that summer is just around the corner it’s a great time to tear away the little ones from their televisions and iPads, and help them to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. The garden may have been neglected for a few months but now it can become the perfect paradise for fun and play. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never planted a flower in your life, but learning with the littles ones is a great way to get started. Encouraging the children to become mini gardeners can teach them so much about wildlife and healthy living, so follow these tips to get started.
Make Little Allotment
Handing over a little plot of land for the children to take responsibility of, is a great way to make them feel that the garden is just as much their space as it is the adults. Pop on their wellies boots and let them get muddy by preparing soil for the plants. Messy play is something that any age children can take part in, and they’ll love the excuse to get muddy.

When it comes down to what they’re going to grow, take them along to the local garden centre so that they can pick out their favourite flowers. Alternatively if you’re a little confused about how well the flowers are going to last, choose some fruit and vegetable seeds such as these, as they are often the simplest to grow and can make eating healthy much easier. They’ll love pulling out the carrots and seeing them go from ground to plate. 

Create an Explorer
The garden is full of hidden natural wonders that can teach the children so much about the outside world and the wildlife that it holds. If your little one isn’t keen on gardening, then creating games to get them explore can peak their interest in spending more time outside. From searching out lady birds and caterpillars, to collecting leaves and making daisy chains. There is lots you can do to help them interact with nature.  

Discover the fun
As well as making the garden a more adventurous place there is a number of gardening activities that you can do such as these, that will keep your children entertained on long summer days. However if the weather does take a turn for the worst you can continue their curiosity inside and create a small Terrarium for their bedroom. Making them responsible for looking after the plants and flowers in the house can also give them a sense of pride, and be a great test if they’ve been pestering you for a pet.
If they’ve been doing a good job of gardening and helping you out around the house, treating them to tools for the garden can encourage them to continue their gardening journey. Besides there is simply nothing more adorable than a child that loves to play in the garden.

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