Wednesday, 15 April 2015

#CoeliacAwarenessWeek with Kirsty's | Lifestyle

I would like to point out before I write this post that I am not a coeliac however, I do have a dairy intolerance (that I like to ignore and most definitely shouldn't!) but everything IBS/stomach/bowel related troubles generally come under the same umbrella, and I know a lot of people with gluten intolerances and who are coeliac themselves. It's Coeliac Awareness week the 14th-17th May, so I'm showing you a couple of meals that would be suitable, and raising awareness too.

I've been trying out a couple of Kirsty's meals this week. All Kirsty's meals are gluten and dairy free and some are suitable for vegans and vegetarians too. This week I've tried the Moroccan vegetables with quinoa, chicken tikka masala with brown basmati rice, and Spanish chicken with brown rice. All I must say have been absolutely delicious, all with a kick and plenty of flavour. I'm not big for spicy food but I love flavour so these hit the spot, the right amount of heat and spice to make them delicious.
The Moroccan vegetables with quinoa contains aduki beans, courgette, pinto beans, apricots, peppers, carrot, chickpeas, and sweet potato in a Moroccan Tagine style sauce with mild spices, and served with mint and coriander. This comes with quinoa, brown rice, and puy lentils. I really enjoyed the side accompaniment dish to this meal, I'd definitely try making it at home too.
Chicken tikka masala and brown basmati rice contains marinated chicken breast and peppers in a medium spiced tomato and coconut tikka masala sauce. Served with brown basmati rice. This was definitely the favourite of my dishes, I do love a good curry.
The Spanish chicken with brown rice contained chicken thigh marinated in coriander, smoked paprika, and cayenne pepper cooked in a Spanish style tomato, pepper and smoked paprika sauce. Served with a vegetable brown rice. I absolutely loved the smokiness to this dish, it wasn't something I've experienced much before but would definitely give Spanish cuisine a second look from now on.

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