Thursday, 9 April 2015

Byron Burgers (York) | Lifestyle & Travel

I've been dying to try out Byron since it opened in Leeds, but have always ended missing occasions to go, so when I stumbled across them in York I just had to go in and experience their awesomeness.

We visiting on Mother's Day evening so it was really quiet, which was perfect as we had a very moody toddler with us who needing cheering up! By the way, their child's menu is fantastic and doubles as a colouring pad; we proudly have this on Dexter's bedroom wall now!

So as you may have guessed, they serve burgers. Just the way I like them, juicy and medium rare. The perfect combination. Both my mum and I chose the Byron burger, and Dexter had the Mac and Cheese which he wolfed down. I ate Dexter's fries, and my mum had a portion of their homemade skin-on chips. As Dexter has a child's meal, his came with a desert of a warm brownie and squirty cream but of course the portion was a little too big for him and I had to help him finish it. 

Their shakes are absolutely divine and those of you who personally know me know I would go for anything Oreo cookie related every time. The shake was more of a desert and extremely filling! 

I'll definitely be going back, probably not to the York restaurant but definitely heading into Leeds! Let's just say we all left with full bellies and were extremely happy! 


  1. Mmmm that food looks so nice =]

    1. Honestly it was, I could eat it every meal! x