Thursday, 23 April 2015

(2015 OOTD #1) | Fashion

I don't think I've done any outfit posts this year (except maybe a couple that were around Christmas/New Year) but now it's finally the weather for me to get out there and look fabulous again, I thought I would start documenting my outfits.

After browsing last night's #WeAreThey hashtag it really got me thinking, I am still self conscious about my body. I am the largest I have been all my life, I have a saggy belly after having a baby, and I am also the happiest I have ever been. All the ladies last night have given me that inspiration to think "you know what? I'm happy with my body, it's certainly your problem if you aren't". So that inspired me to do something I've never done before at this size, wear high waisted jeans with a midriff top. And I rock it.

I've had this Cut for Evans top for blooming ages and I don't really wear it. I think I've only worn it once, and have been stuck at a loose end on how to style it. I popped it on this morning and tried tucking it in, wearing it out, and it just looked wrong. Then I thought, lets tie it and wear 3/4 sleeves. And you know what, it's perfect. It's me.

Obviously I have to team it with the world's best jeggings ever, the Eden range from Dorothy Perkins. I'm wearing a size 20 and they are always the most comfortable things ever. I think I own like four or five pairs now but they are bliss. I struggle with jeans as I really am a pear shape and it irritates me somewhat, so these fabulous jeggings have become my wardrobe staple.

I teamed the whole look up with my new necklace from Yggdrasil via JewelStreet but there will be blog post on the necklace later.
Cut for Evans shirt (old) | High waisted Eden jeggings from Dorothy Perkins £17.60 | Dainty Converse Ox Sneakers (really old) | Yggdrasil gold and steel necklace via JewelStreet £46.99*

*This post contains product sample(s), opinions are my own. 

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