Monday, 30 March 2015

Lighthouse 3D Jigsaw Puzzle | DIY

I adore puzzles, in fact my whole family is puzzle mad, and it's always been around me since I was a little girl. Even Dexter has his own small wooden puzzles to get him into training for the big jigsaw puzzles.

When Hobbycraft asked if I would try one of their 3D jigsaw puzzles I knew I had to give one a go; my nephew in Australia is sent a couple every year and he absolutely adores them. I chose the 3D lighthouse jigsaw* (£15.00) as I thought it would look awesome in Dexter's nautical themed outside playroom (my old Wendy House) when I'd finished.
So what do you get in the box?
A super plastic puzzle, this is brilliant as there are no flimsy bits that can break and it holds together really sturdily, even though there are 216 pieces in the bag. It also comes with a base, and the top of the lighthouse. Oh and the instructions, but nobody really reads those right?!
There are 216 pieces to the puzzle, but and this is a big but, they are all numbered! I've never seen a puzzle with numbered pieces, and this made such a difference to the enjoyment of putting the puzzle together. I can normally loose interest pretty quickly when pieces don't fit, but it was really simple and only took me around an hour to complete.

I did the old 'separate the pieces into a box' trick, made sure they were all numbered side up and then divided them into their corresponding numbers of ten. It made it a lot easier and quicker when they were all together to quickly pop the tower up.
As I said, it only took me around an hour to put together, pop all the stickers on, and have a complete lighthouse which I think is a winner. Especially as holiday times will be upon us soon and you may need an extra couple of tricks up your sleeves to keep the small ones entertained. Saying that though, these puzzles are suitable from 10 years upward, not just due to small parts but because it can be a little complicated at times.
And here she is taking pride of place on my erm, well she's sat on the bed at the moment and currently resides in my bedroom until I've finished off Dexter's playroom. What do you think? Have you checked out Hobbycraft's jigsaw puzzles yet? I find that craft puzzles like this seem to be a dying art only associated with the older generation, but they are so much fun and easily affordable!


  1. Oh wow =] This is amazing, I've always wanted to get a globe one but im afraid my cats might break it so i never get one when im in hobbycraft.

    1. Haha cats do love to break things, so do children unfortunately :( x

  2. Ooh it looks cool! My family have a love/hate relationship with puzzles... It always seems a great idea at first, until we see how complicated they are. Always good fun though!