Monday, 2 March 2015

February Faves | Beauty

So a big hello to March, and specifically SPRING. Oh yes. And that means the clocks 'spring forward'. Seriously you have no idea how much light nights improve my health and make me feel loads better. 

Anyway, I've decided to start a monthly favourites post. I did try once to do an empties post for some reason every other blogger has millions of products they use, but yet maybe I only use a couple of products? That to me suggests I need to start using things a lot more, or stop buying them at least. And yes, ahem I did start doing a challenge but that didn't work out too well, so yet again we shall ignore that one. 
First up we have the Make Up Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Makeup Fixing Setting Spray*. I've heard of people using hair spray to set their make up and thought it was absolutely bonkers, so then discovered setting sprays from there. I've never used one before, because I didn't like the idea of my face feeling gunky and sticky like I imagine it would be so resorted to using oil control powders which I'm not overly keen on. I've used a couple of good Korean ones but they are hard to get hold of when they need replacing. When MUR asked if any oily skinned bloggers wanted to try this I had to give it a go, and I'm so glad I did, because it's a miracle worker. I've used it every day for the past eight or so days, from around 8am until around 9pm. So that's a whole 13 hours of sticking power. To all you greasy girls out there, you do need this product. Just simply apply a couple of spritzes to your face after applying all your make up (I would also recommend after lipstick as well because it leaves your lips quite dry otherwise) to set it all in place. It doesn't leave your face feeling sticky, and really does hold the oil at bay. I did keep touching my face throughout the day to see if I'd started with an oily T-zone and I hadn't. Oh also this is one product I'm not allergic to! YAY. I think this could be because it reduces oil production and it could be my oily skin around my eyes that sets me off? Answers on a post card please. Anyway, yep £5.00 for a bottle, and it will last ages. Buy it.
Next up we have Benefit's It's Potent eye cream. Now I'm not a fan of Benefit, at all, and I will only use products that I generally have samples from however, lately I've become a fan of their skincare. I received a sample pot of their eye cream in a beauty box last year and fell in love so decided to buy a full sized one. Now it's a rarity that happens so it must be amazing! I'm very sensitive around the eye area and it triggers a lot of allergies but this is super, it's light and delicate, and doesn't break me out. I have good skin however it can be super oily and definitely dehydrated as I don't drink enough water (note to self!), plus I don't get a huge amount of sleep (thanks Dexter!), and this has worked wonders on my dark circles. I'm nearing the bottom of the jar so will need to replace it, although it's lasted me a good six months I would say. It costs £25.50 however I buy mine from ASOS and get 10% off, or wait until they have a student discount of 20% off. 
Now I know deodorant is a bit of a funny beauty product to review, but I'm pretty sure most of us use it so I thought I would stick it on my list. I've been trying this Bionsen aluminium free roll on deodorant*. It also comes packed with Japanese spa minerals, and itself is a Japanese brand. We all know I'm sold on that basis alone. I normally use Dove Invisible but I'm sure they must have changed their formula because it seems to come out awfully cakey and isn't invisible in the slightest. Bionsen is quite a thin formula meaning it glides on and dries in quickly, and doesn't leave any residue or stickiness meaning nothing is left on your clothes. Phew. The fragrance is really delightful but not overpowering, and it's full of mineral goodness meaning it's kind to your skin and nourishing. Oh and it's paraben and aluminium free too, perfect for sensitive skin. Now ladies, it isn't out yet in stores until the 9th March where you can pick it up from Boots costing £2.35. So you best get it on your wish list! 
My mum has always been obsessed with the YSL Opium perfumes, so when we popped into boots upon release of Black Opium last year, the same happened. Except I became obsessed with it too! I was so lucky to receive a bottle of perfume in a gift set for my birthday last year, but only really started wearing it properly last month. I have too many bottles of perfumes on the go. I adore sweet and florally fragrances so this couldn't be more fitting, with notes of black coffee, white florals and vanilla it's the perfect fragrance for me. I can imagine it'll be on March's favourites too!
Last but not least is my old faithful lipstick. I love MAC lipsticks, and Angel has been my go to shade for a couple of months now. I've started wearing make up a lot more (thanks to the MUR fixing spray) and this lipstick now resides in my handbag. MAC lipsticks can be a little bit pricey at £15.50 but are definitely worth it, and more so if you can pick one up at duty free. That's my little tip there! It's a subtle rose/dusky pink nude shade and it compliments my natural make up look perfectly. The lasting power is adequate however, I do find I need to apply a couple of times throughout the day.
*This post contains product samples, all opinions are my own.


  1. I tried that Black Opium at the airport in December & wasn't too enamoured with it. I think it was a little too strong for me, mind you I am weird about my perfumes LOL! I have got my old faithful Amor Amor on contstantly & when out on the razzle dazzle I use my Calvin Klein Reveal!
    Bee xxx

  2. As an oily-skinned gal myself it looks like that I need to try that MUR spray! Anything's got to be worth a go. I love the YSL perfume too, I expected to hate it because I hate the original, but it's completely different and all the better for it!