Wednesday, 11 February 2015

How to decide on a killer Valentine's Day outfit | Fashion

So, you want to come up with a killer Valentine’s day outfit? You’re not alone! So many females start stressing at this time of year, desperately looking for something amazing to wear. The aim? To make their other halves drool - and perhaps even pay for dinner. Here’s how you can pick an outfit that will suit both you and where you’re going:

Consider The Setting

First of all, you need to consider the setting. Personally, I wouldn’t wear a sequin dress and high heels if I’m staying in and cooking for someone, but that’s just me. If you’re staying in, wear something cute but comfortable - you could look great in jeans and a nice top!

If you’re going out, it all depends on the place. Going to the cinema? I can’t stand being uncomfortable or cold at the cinema. I’d probably wear jeans or leggings with a nice tunic top and some nice shoes. If I’m going to a restaurant or out for drinks then I might consider wearing heels. You should feel comfortable in what you wear, and definitely not like you’re trying too hard. Remember; you can always do something special with your hair and makeup, and that alone will make your outfit look much better.

Here are some examples:

  • For cocktails - going for cocktails can be a swanky affair, so wear something fun and flirty. Even heels if you can walk in them!
  • To the pub - off to your local? You could play it safe with jeans and a nice top. However, you could dress up or down however you like at your local - use your best judgement.
  • To the cinema - something comfortable and warm but noticeable. I’d probably layer up a few things and wear some bright colours from some of my favourite ethical fashion brands.
  • To Nandos - dress up within reason...wearing heels here might make you feel a bit silly.
  • To the Ritz - definitely, go all out and dress up girl!
  • Staying home - wear your comfiest clothes, or your favourite undies. There are no rules for Valentine’s at home!

What Does Your Other Half Like You In?

Consider what your other half likes you to dress in. Don’t get me wrong, If it makes you feel uncomfortable then don’t wear it. But if you really want to impress them and you don’t mind too much, consider wearing their favourite style or colour. I mean, it’s only for one night; what’s the harm?

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What Suits Your Body Shape/Type?

If you want to look amazing and feel super comfortable and confident at the same time, I consider knowing what suits you a must. Take a look online at different body shapes and types and work out what yours is. You can then research different styles and shapes that suit you best. I’m a firm believer that if you like something you should wear it, so I don’t always adhere to this rule myself. However, it’s always nice to stick to if you want to know you look amazing.

I hope you found this advice useful - have a wonderful time!

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