Saturday, 14 February 2015

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We've had to have all our electrics re-wired in the apartment in China, and one thing I'm really concerned about is energy saving so we've opted for a new eco system. There are tonnes of different ways to conserve energy in China; they have solar powered panels in each apartment block to heat up the water system, or whether it be standing in a bowl whilst you shower so you can re-use the water. They seem to be on the ball over there when it comes to saving lots of energy and reducing their already minimal bill costs. 

LED lights are really popular in China, in fact I'm quite sure these are the only type of lights they use now. The husband informs me that lightbulbs with filaments, some of which you can still buy here now, died out with the ark. By ark I mean probably around the 80's. Still they have a good 30 years on being energy saving over there. I mean, they have a whole city powered by solar panels everywhere. It's such a shame that these aren't more popular in the UK and utilised to their best ability.

LED Planet have created an amazing infograph on why LED lights are the energy saving light solution; and they've used some pretty funny facts so I definitely recommend checking it out. Here are a couple of snippets of my favourite ones. Especially Buckingham Palace, I think you'll all agree!
Can you imagine how many afternoon tea's you could have for that?! I think we need to get the Queen on board with this one! 

I've been looking at a couple of LED lights for Dexter's bedroom, just something fun to brighten up the white walls, and I've come across these super cute ones. Although, I have found the best one in China and I think we'll be having it, it's shaped like a cloud with raindrops. That really has my heart at the moment. 
What do you do to save energy on lighting in your household? Do you have any good tips I could take to China with me?

Collaborative post however, all written content contained within is my own. 

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