Monday, 23 February 2015

Blogging for blogging's sake | Lifestyle

I had a fabulous weekend in Nottingham, catching up with an old friend and getting back to lots of creative and arty things. After having a long discussion with her about blogging, niches and direction I realised that I'm strictly blogging for blogging's sake. My blog posts are no longer personal, rich in content, and interesting. I know blogger's block is a thing, but I've probably been suffering with this for over a year, undecided where my blog should go and what my blogging voice actually is. I feel it's turned impersonal and I'm almost blogging for business purposes; I wanted to rebrand my blog to focus more on who I am, but I've had the realisation that Satchels & Pearls truly is a hobby, and my little area for release on the internet. 

As I said, I have lost my blogging voice so I've signed up on a few e-courses to help me bring myself back to my blog, and hopefully finding my niche on the internet. I'm also intending to use the fabulous means of Dexterous Diva in hope that I can start a small business as this has always been something I want in my life. That will be my branding. 

So a question to you all, what do you like or dislike about my blog? What do you feel you would like to see more or less of? I will honestly appreciate all your comments, and hope that it helps me find my blogging voice and passion again. 


  1. I'll tell you what I don't like about your blog.... you calling me old!!!

  2. i love your new layout, that's for sure! i think a blog spring clean is always a nice place to start, but you've got to remember to blog for YOU, not us. why did you start? was it to share outfits, or review beauty, or to keep family and friends abroad up to date? remember why you started, and let that reignite your flame. write what you want to write, not what you think we want to hear... it'll always work out better that way :) x

    1. Thanks Erica, to be honest I can't remember why I started! Although I think I might be going back on the right track now x