Friday, 30 January 2015

Top 6 Amazing Selfie Locations | Lifestyle

Over the past few years, the selfie craze has really taken off, with the vast majority of us addicted to taking selfies.

Any unique, fun or intriguing location, calls for a selfie stick and a cheeky selfie - restaurants, parks and hotels have all become prime selfie spots. But, of all the places on the planet, where are the best locations for taking selfies?

To help you find the best locations in the world for selfies, we have put together a guide to the top 10 amazing selfie locations. To find out more, keep reading below:

1. Trolltunga, Norway (Troll’s Tongue)

Trolltunga in Norway is a rock formation that would most probably be any thrill seekers dream. The Troll’s Tongue, as it is known locally, was created when water from a glacier froze and caused part of the mountain to break away.

To keep the location as beautiful and natural as possible, safety barriers have never been erected, so you are free to trek it and take selfies to your heart's content. Just make sure to be careful and stick to the footpath and be careful.

2. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

victoria falls.jpg

Victoria Falls, located in Africa, borders both Zimbabwe and Zambia is an amazing location for photography and selfies. The Victoria Falls waterfall is twice as long as Niagara Falls.

As well as being one of the most beautiful locations for taking a selfie, Victoria Falls is also the perfect location for bungee jumping, diving and cliff swinging. Or, if you’re brave enough, taking cliff edge selfies with friends.

One of the most fun locations you can visit and take selfies at is Mineral Beach in Israel. Here, you can spend the day slathering your body in nutrient-rich mud, sunbathing and floating in the incredibly salty dead sea.

There is nothing more fun than covering yourself and your friends in mud and then taking selfies together.

4. Yellowstone National Park, USA

America’s most impressive national park, Yellowstone is the perfect place for selfie addicted travellers to visit. It’s packed full of beautiful scenery, wildlife and even has an active volcano.

With over 3,400 miles of parkland, Yellowstone is one of the most stunning places in the US.

5. Cape Town, South Africa

Famous for being the place where Nelson Mandela gave his first speech as a free man, Cape Town is an intriguing, multicultural town.

The Mediterranean like climate makes Cape Town the perfect location for relaxing and taking some beach photos and selfies. As well as deep blue lagoons, golden sands and rocky cliff edges, Cape Town is also home to penguins - the perfect selfie companions.

6. Mendenhall Ice Caves, Alaska

The Mendenhall Ice Caves are only temporary - they are melting quickly. Due to a glacier in Alaska melting, the stunning Mendenhall Ice Caves temporarily exist and are amazing for exploring and taking selfies in.

Just make sure to watch out for falling ice - some pieces of ice are as large as wardrobes.

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