Friday, 30 January 2015

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Quick and easy ways to renovate your bedroom

It’s that time of year where we all get to examine our homes and give them a well deserved spring clean. And one area of the home that will undoubtedly need a bit of a makeover is the bedroom.

Now that the long and dark winter nights are on the wane, it’s a great time to give your bedroom a light and airy feel with a few of these quick and easy tips.

Out with the old!

Why not get rid of those old clothes that you never wear anymore. By donating them to a local charity shop, you’ll feel morally better and free up much more space.

The same goes for any haggard curtains and faded cushions. Springtime is the time of year where you deserve to start afresh. So even if you find yourself with very little in the way of bedroom possessions after a good sort out, you can still call it minimalist chic!

In with the new!

Once you’ve de-cluttered your room as much as possible, it’s the fun time where you’ll start to fill it up again!

So take a good look at the key items of furniture in your room and see how you can improve upon them.

Maybe it’s time to finally get around to putting up some proper bookshelves rather than simply piling them on your desk? And maybe it’s time to invest in a proper bed – divans are particularly good at giving you that extra secret storage space!

Get comfortable

Now that you have all the basic elements in place, it’s a good idea to make sure that everything is as comfortable as possible.

If there’s one characteristic that every bedroom has to have, it must be cosy! And getting a good range of soft furnishings is a quick and relatively cheap way to do this.

So why not invest in a complementary range of curtains, cushions, throws and quilts that will all come together to make your bedroom seem like a perfect little paradise!

The finishing touch

And finally it’s the area that is most enjoyable of all, where you get to invest the room with your own personal touch.

There’s many ways to do this. Recent trends such as shabby chic recommend that oh-so-casual distressed wooden furniture look, coupled with a carefully crafted vintage mirror or clock.

Or maybe you can go for the Scandinavian touch with clean, white walls, natural woods and then an artfully placed black and white poster.

Which ever route you decide to go down, do it with passion and you’ll soon fall in love with your bedroom all over again!

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