Thursday, 22 January 2015

My Skin Saving Regime | Beauty & Travel

The city where I live in China, Jinan, is a very dry place. There is hardly any rainfall at all, we're talking maybe 12 days a year (can I get a hell yeah?). This is all good and well, but it's not so good for my skin. Twin this with temperatures meeting minus 5 some days, it's really killed my skin. Chapped lips and outbreaks of ezcema are not the most attractive things to have when escorting my hubby to important business dinners. 

I knew there was something I had to do, rather than heading off to Sephora or Watsons to pick up products you can get here in the UK or Korea, I headed to the local supermarket to see what I could pick up. I'm really lucky because our local supermarket has it's own beauty counters, and pretty much a floor dedicated to all my beauty needs.

It was really, really hard to identify skincare products that were both hydrating, calming and soothing, for sensitive skin, oh and that were oil free. Even hubby had trouble trying to translate everything for me, and to the store assistant trying to locate something suitable for me. 

I spied a couple of olive oil products that I thought may be suitable for my skin. A cleanser, toner, moisturiser and intensive oil. I did feel a bit risky picking them all up, but a new regime for around 110¥ or £11 didn't really break the bank.

I am so glad I did buy them! The whole A'Gensn range is simply divine. 

I'm not a fan of cleansers at all because I like something to leave my skin feeling dry and clean, but this did the job of removing all my tricky make up and left my skin feeling fresh and leaving no residue either. 

The toner doesn't have the best of fragrances, but came in a pack with the moisturiser so I've been using it. I probably wouldn't buy this on it's own as I don't really understand toners, but it seems ok. 

The moisturiser is by far the best I've ever tried, my skin is left feeling soft and hydrated, without being too oily. 

Lastly, the oil itself. This was a saviour when I broke out with ezcema on my face. I must have applied it two to three times a day because my face was so dry. Within a few days my skin was back it's old self. I was surprised it didn't leave my skin feeling over oily, and in fact reduced my skin's oil production too. 

Since coming back to the UK I've ceased to use these and I immediately regretted it. My skin has returned to it's dull and oily self. I only hope I have enough to take me through to when I move! 

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