Thursday, 29 January 2015

Hottest Accessories in 2015 | Fashion

Want the lowdown on the hottest trends in accessories for 2015? Take a look at these style tips gathered from the world’s leading fashion mags and blogs.


We’ve been there, done that with the single earring trend. Now it’s all about irregularity and mismatching your earrings. Wear ear ornamentation in different shapes, sizes, colours and styles to take part in this trend. However, if you are like me and you do appreciate a little consistency in your look you can still enjoy this trend. Keep one element of your earrings consistent, like the colour or style, and be creative in contrasting the other elements.


Brass is the material of the moment when it comes to accessories. Look for necklaces, rings,  earrings and clutches that incorporate this metal. Accessories that mix brass with bright and beautiful precious stones are very stylish right now. Luckily, brass is very versatile and goes well with a variety of colours, textures and patterns. Echo the classic black and gold trend by allowing your brass jewelry to stand out against black sophisticated ensembles.


Chokers, that were last seen in the 90s, are back with a vengeance. But don’t unearth the styles you used to wear as a teen, the neck grasping jewelry has taken on a bold transformation. Chunky metallics and statement gems are the styles to look out for. Futuristic inspired designs in perspex and white leather material, as well as buckle-like styles, have also featured on the catwalk.

Seventies boho

Seventies inspired clothing and accessories are predicted to be one of the biggest trends of 2015. This accessory trend is all about beads, bright colours and the use of contrasting materials. Look for turquoise gems on metallics, tortoiseshell detailing, feathers and woven textures. If you are inspired by this trend, you may wish to treat yourself to some coeur de lion jewellery that features plenty of beads and brights colours. Wooden accessories are also in keeping with this trend. Particularly interesting are the designs that contrast wood with brightly coloured, softer materials.

Oversized pendants

Beware; this isn’t a trend suitable for reserved fashionistas. When it comes to wearing pendants this year, the rule is the bigger and bolder, the better. Look for metallic statement pendants on long chains that can act as the central feature of your outfit. Detailed necklaces also feature heavily as part of this trend. Look for items that include various colours, layers and shapes.

Statement bags

It’s not longer about minimalistic and discreet clutches or satchels; the statement bag is back. When choosing your arm candy, this year look for vibrant colours and big, bold patterns. Make sure your bag is extra eye-catching by opting for embellished and metallic styles. Don’t be afraid to be a little wild and out there with your choice. If you want to make a statement with your bag, then make one! Clever clashing of accessories and clothing is also style trend that is predicted to be very popular this year.

I hope you have found this post on accessory trends for 2015 helpful.

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