Thursday, 15 January 2015

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Yet again, another late blog post on the new year. Yet again, the same excuse, I've been a little too busy to blog. It's been strange, I've had a lot of spare time on my hands in China but yet I feel that I haven't had as much time to blog or even time to think about blogging. I had plenty of ideas on my hands before I went that I would blog everything about the apartment, or blog plenty of new ideas about being a 'foreign wife', but yet I still couldn't find the time to do it. 

So here we go, hello 2015. 

This year I won't bother with new year's resolutions, in fact I'm not even sure I did last year, but that turned out ok. I don't feel guilty that I won't lose weight or that I'm not attending the gym. I don't feel guilty that I'm not giving up chocolate or heading on a spending ban for a whole month (that's just an excuse for not having any money in January anyway). I have plenty more things to concentrate on in my life anyway. Like this damn essay I've received a two week extension for. I think it's just me but this academic year I'm really not feeling it. I've already deferred one module because I got so behind I just couldn't be bothered to carry on with it. That's something that needs to change this year, I need to get my interest in learning back. I'm at the last two years of my degree so something has to give, right?

Ok I lied about the weight loss, I'm thinking of losing weight. That's right, just thinking. I haven't dedicated myself to doing anything about it yet, and I more than likely won't do. But I'm just not that bothered about it at the moment, or likely to be that bothered about it in the future. It's funny, but when I was in China I was really concerned about my weight, where I would buy clothes, or the fact I just felt extremely unfit. But as soon as I touched down in the UK (East Midlands airport WTF?/Rather than Leeds/Bradford) I lost all interest again. I guess it's back to feeling comfortable in your own skin with your own abilities too. 

So, our China journey. I won't say lots about our apartment in this blog post as I'll be doing a series of renovation posts. But it's going well. We came back the other day to find out demolishing works have already begun, and I most certainly wasn't expecting that. I think it will be easy to find a job when I get back too, I did go for an interview (for an English teacher position teaching both children and adults) and had a trial but haven't heard anything back yet, probably because I've come back but I have their contact details and will be popping in for a visit when I get back. I really like that school, and would love to work there too. There are a few more local schools near me that I've had my eye on too, so I can start properly job hunting when we all move out there. I think we're aiming for April.

Here's to 2015 being full of good health, potential weight loss (watch this space, I'll probably only blog about it if I loose a considerable amount of weight!), Dexter thriving into a wonderful little boy (not that he already isn't!), and our China adventure. 

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