Monday, 26 January 2015

A Day Out in York with CityConnect WIFI | Travel & Lifestyle

I'm really lucky to live near some beautiful cities, but unfortunately I don't actually visit them. I've lived near York for almost 30 years and I have never once set foot there until this weekend. I know, shame on me right? I had to take advantage and visit some of the main attractions there but unfortunately whilst downloading all my images I somehow managed to delete them all (bad blogger, bad blogger!). So unfortunately you're left with logos and my ramblings. 

So we popped over to York on a little day trip following an amazing box of goodies that I found on the doorstep (the postman delivered it, it wasn't just left!). Full of vouchers, Betty's and Vincent Coffee goodies I just had to set my day out, finally I would go to York! 
Here are some suggestions on places to visit when you're in York:

There are exciting exhibitions, you can come face to face with a Viking, and walk through the reconstruction of original Viking streets. There is so much to do here and you could easily loose yourself to a whole day. With half-term coming up in a couple of weeks it's the perfect time to take your family, and a family ticket for £30 it's a bargain. There are a couple of awesome events to look out for, especially the best beard contest on the 21st February!

Now I didn't managed to pop into York Dungeons when I was there, I didn't really see it suitable for pushing a pram around etc, haha. But it's definitely something I would love to do if I manage to have another trip before we move to China. There are several shows which operate through the day and one I would love to see over the half-term holidays is 'Grave Robbers'! I loved this kind of history when I was at school, the gorier the better. This is running from 14th to 22nd February. 
York's Chocolate Story
I absolutely love chocolate so this was a dream to visit! A nice little visit with interactive stuff for the kiddies, chocolate tasting and sniffing, and oh my gosh it was wonderful. There's also a super 'indulgence zone' (cafe to me and you) where you can replenish your batteries with a sweet treat. This is located near the Shambles, which is somewhere I've wanted to visit a lot. More on that in a moment. Tickets are really reasonably priced, and children under 4 are free which is always awesome. 
Now I mentioned the Shambles, everyone is always going on about how great it is for shopping but I'm hopeless and need a map to find such things. I don't want to look like a tourist, don't like signs and certainly don't like asking people for directions so I always resort to Google Maps to get me there. And what better than free city WIFI provided by CityConnect? It was a godsend, especially considering my 3G decided to kick out and I couldn't access anything. (This reminds me of the time I got lost in Sheffield with my mum because I didn't have 3G and couldn't find the train station just before our train was about to leave!). CityConnect was super easy to use, all you do is open your WIFI, pick their option, and choose how you want to login. Now this is where it gets good because rather than filling in a form with your details you can simply login via Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. (You can always fill in your details but I find those so much easier!). You can also connect to CityConnect at Park and Ride sites too, so you can plan your adventure before you get to York! 

Anyway, even though there aren't many (take that as any) photos, we still had such an amazing time, and I would definitely recommend everyone to visit it! 

*Goodies provided free of charge, vouchers provided for both Jorvik Viking Centre and York Dungeons.  


  1. I visited York recently and went to the Yorvik centre. I loved it all apart from the smell! It absolutely stinks haha. I'm too scared to go to the Dungeons! They look terrifying. York is such a lovely place though x

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  2. Haha get to the dungeons if you get time. I went to the one in Amsterdam (they're all meant to be similar) and they try drag people in your party up in front of everyone and the seats move and stuff so I sat on the seat that was for pregnant people so they'd leave me alone! I was proper scared especially when it went dark. What a pansy! xx

    x GNAR MOSH x