Tuesday, 27 January 2015

100 Day Beauty Spending Ban | Beauty

Yes, the time has come for me to again say I will be participating in another spending ban. And yet again I'm trying to motivate myself to say I will not buy beauty products for 100 days. I'm leaving for China in what my mum tells me is around 16 weeks (argh, totally unprepared) so I need to have a good look through all my beauty products that I've been hoarding for what seems like years now. 

Now if I start today, 100 days takes me to 6th May. This is a perfect date because it just ends in time for me to see what I need to buy in bulk to take to China with me. There is a significant mark up price on UK beauty products over there, and I don't really fancy paying something like £60 for a Benefit foundation (not that I use them anyway) if I need a new one buying!

So, what is included and excluded:

Well I have more than enough shower gels to probably last me the entire year so I won't be buying those, same is applicable for make up and other cosmetics (like I ever need to buy those again). No more lipsticks, god forbid. Products such as deodorant and toothpaste don't really count as actual beauty things, they are a bloody necessity. Along with razors, no one needs to see hairy legs especially now spring is coming up. Oh and my eyebrows, well paying £8 a month for those waxing also isn't included; maybe the same goes for my nails and hair cuts. Although I get my hair done at College which costs like £6. Hair dyes, well I won't be buying those as I found a huge stock of around 8 dark brown hair dyes (although on Friday I'm having highlights so those can go to Wen's mum). 

Lets see how this one goes. I really do have more than enough stuff to probably get me through to next year, but lets just take it up until I move. I'm being fair on myself, haha. 


  1. Good luck! I was going to do this but Sarah and I have came up with a budget plan to stick to. So much home renovations that need doing so, it has to be done! I think everyone in Jan needs to calm down with money spending! Xx

  2. haha I do the same thing.. there's always exceptions!