Wednesday, 3 December 2014

What's in my travel bag? | Beauty

It's that time again, I'm about to jet off to the Far East for my annual China trip so have to decide what travel essentials to pack. This time, Dexter is coming with us so ideally I need to take as little as possible with me. I don't think the husband would like to drag around three suitcases! 

This reflects in the beauty products I'll be taking with me. I can't take my whole collection as much as I would love to, so have narrowed it down to products that can do a few things in one. It has been really hard deciding what lip products to take with me, as I have an ever growing lipstick collection, and I love them all. 

I'm taking with me my favourite BB cream of all time, the shade is perfect for my skin and gives the right amount of coverage I like without making me look orange. This has been my favourite foundation product since I received it in a MeMeBox at the beginning of the year. Yep, you're right, it is Dr. G's Total Active Dual BB Cream. I need to stock up on this bad boy when I get to China, they stock it in Sasa so this gives me a great excuse to go in. 

I rarely use eyeshadow, even though I seem to obsess and buy palettes like they are going out of fashion. But if I do, I like to stick to neutrals and wear black eyeliner with a flick. The Barry M Natural Glow shadow and blush palette is ideal. It contains all the eyeshadow products I need, plus a beautiful pink blush, meaning this is the only palette I need to take with me. However, I do love blush products, especially Sleek, so I have to take my new Blush by 3 Pink Lemonade palette with me. It's small enough and compact, and has three shades, so ultimately those are the only blushers I will need.  I am packing my favourite Essence Eye Sorbet too, this is very similar to the Colour Tattoo eyeshadows but with a lighter mousse texture that dries to a nice powder. This makes a great base to apply my other eyeshadows too, and adds a little bit of sparkle. 

Lets talk eyeliner, well I absolutely adore Benefit's They're Real Push Up Liner even though half of the blogosphere hates it. I find it really simple to use. It doesn't drag with me, is highly pigmented, and only takes me a minute to apply. 

My new favourite mascara is Rimmel's Wonderfull Mascara with Argan oil. I love Rimmel mascaras and have been using Lash Accelerator mascara for the past year, but this one has Argan oil in it, and it had me sold. I don't find the formula much different than Lash Accelerator so for me it's a win, win. 

I bought the Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder earlier this year, and I love it. I think it only cost me a few quid compared to some of the no-sebum powders I've seen in UK stores. It's light to wear and easily absorbs oil so it's great to carry around in my bag for those pesky touch ups. It's in a nice little case and comes with a puff so I don't have to mess around with separate products. 

Lastly, on to the lip products. I'm taking a Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm with me as it's the only product at the moment that soothes my dry lips. I can also use it on Dexter too meaning less products. Where I'll be staying in China is incredibly dry all year round, and I get really bad chapped lips. Especially now it's winter too so double the impact. This will be a perfect base for my two lipsticks. Now I know I'm taking two, and I had to really narrow it down to my two favourite MAC hippies. However, they are pretty similar shades! Angel and Snob. They are my favourite winter lip colours and as they are nude with a slight touch of pink, will go with any outfit I take with me. 

I've also popped in my favourite Body Shop hand cream, the Almond and nail hand cream. I absolutely love this stuff. Normally I'm quite allergic to hand creams so I step away, but as I said above, it's really dry over there so I need something to combat having chapped hands. 

And what's better than this Bad Hare Day make up bag to keep them all in? You may have seen it featured in my recent Gift Guide post, and I absolutely love it. The size is ideal for all my make up, plus my travel sized toiletries too, meaning I don't have to take several bags with me. You can pick this bag up from Presents for Men for £16.99*, much cheaper than some of the travel wash bags I've seen on the market at the moment. 
*Product sent for review, opinions are my own. 


  1. I haven't had a Burt Bee lip balm in so long! I miss them :O
    Your bag is super cute too btw :D


    1. Thank you! :D
      I bought two more of the coloured lip balms, they are so beautiful! x