Thursday, 11 December 2014

Wassen Collagen | Beauty

I've seen a lot of blog posts and reviews on collagen supplements on the blogosphere lately, and they are something I've been wanting to try as some of my favourite Korean brands' products have plenty of collagen in them. We all know that the Far East is at the forefront of skincare!

Wassen Collagen are nutritional supplements that are slightly different than most of the collagen supplements on the market. Rather than these coming in drink form, they come in powder form that you mix with water yourself. Thus being a cheaper alternative, and eco-friendly with less packaging etc. 

What are the benefits of collagen?
It improves your skin condition giving the effect of younger looking skin, increases moisture levels, leaves the skin feeling smoother, prevents deep wrinkle formation, and improves suppleness. This is just to name a few of the benefits for skin, but what about benefits for the rest of your body? Collagen can also help with joint health and bone density. Wassen Collagen also contains vitamin C and E too. 

Collagen is probably best suited to 'maturing' skin. I'm 29 and have noticed the effects of maturing skin, even though I wouldn't say I'm mature in age however, I know I need to take better care of my skin now. 

I received a ten day trial of Wassen Collagen to see how I got on with it and here are my results: I really enjoyed the product, it was an orange flavoured powder that you mix with a small amount of water to drink. I liked to call this a collagen shot. I've seen a lot of blog posts commenting that another well known brand of collagen tasted awful, but this was really nice! I regret not taking before and after images as I totally forgot, but I really did notice a difference in my skin. It looked a lot smoother, and more radiant, with feeling a lot more plump too. I don't have many wrinkles (lucky!) so I didn't noticed much of an improvement in that area, but I'm sure as I get older I would. 

The best thing about this product? The price. A lot cheaper than other collagen drinks on the market, with a pack of ten sachets costing £19.99. I'll definitely be buying these again in the future, they've made such an impact on my skin. 
*Product sample provided free of charge, opinions on my own. 

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