Friday, 12 December 2014

Relaxing at Christmas | Lifestyle & Beauty

I can't be the only one who gets stressed at Christmas? I used to be the last to do my Christmas shopping, either bounding round town on a Thursday evening for late Christmas shopping, and always heading to the shops on Christmas Eve. What was I thinking?! Christmas should be a time for enjoyment, relaxing, and spending time with family and loved ones. 

How do you like to chill out over the festive period? Here are a  couple of my tips:

- Don't leave all your Christmas shopping to the last minute, and try do most of it online. I've been know to have finished all my shopping in August, and I always buy my gifts online rather than trawling round the shops last minute. 
- Buy gifts in advance - I bought all of Dexter's birthday and Christmas presents in the January sales at the beginning of the year. Jobs a good one. 
- Organisation - you can really be drawn in by offers on near Christmas, so rather than overspend and panic about your bank account being overdrawn or a high credit card bill in January, why not make a list of what you need to buy and stick to it? The same applies if you're making dinner for everyone, keep a meal plan at hand then you can't get flustered. 
- Make sure you have a sleep pattern - I know this is important all year round but specifically in winter when your body clock can get all out of sync. I've found some fantastic tips over on Time4Sleep's Relaxation Zone such as have a milky drink before bed (cocoa, yes please!), and try listening to some music. I always have a sleep sound app on my iPad or iPhone going in the background which helps me sleep. Rain music is the best. I've even bought a remote controlled plug switch to make sure all my electrical items are turned off at night to increase the best sleeping pattern. 
- Sleep spray - I absolutely love sleep sprays. Since receiving one in a beauty box months ago I've become addicted. I even spray this in Dexter's cot and he's straight off to sleep. Lavender is such a beautiful and relaxing fragrance. 
- Take a long bath with a book - I haven't managed to do this in quite some time with Dexter however, lately his sleep pattern has been much better giving me plenty of hours in the evening for some 'me' time. Pop your favourite bath melt or bomb in the bath, give yourself half an hour, a face mask and a good book!
- Pamper yourself - much like the above. Why not give yourself a celebratory Christmas mani or pedi? 

*PR collaborative post. 


  1. I never heard of sleep sprays before, I might have to check them out! :D


    1. Oh they are so good, I ended up buying a large version for around £16 (the small ones are similar prices). Definitely worth it x