Saturday, 15 November 2014

New You | Weight Loss

A few months ago, before I had another ME relapse (hence my lack of blog posts and social media appearance), I had the opportunity of trying out another diet plan. This time I tried the New You weight loss plan. Again this is a very low calorie diet, but what I love about this plan is that you can have four meals as opposed to most plans which only offer three. That extra little something during the day made a whole lot of difference. 

I was quite overwhelmed when the package originally arrived; the products are so bright and uplifting and were beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper. Everything felt really personalised and that gave me the extra incentive rather than the feeling of dread. The packaging alone really encouraged me to see the diet through, pulling out a cute sachet for a meal made me smile and kept me going. I also really enjoyed filling in the 'drop a jean size' journal too, there's something about stationary and keeping a journal that keeps me going. This is however designed for those doing a four week plan instead of a week's plan like I did, but this would certainly be an incentive to watch my weight loss and keep going. 

New You have such a wide range of products, and they have more meal flavours than I've seen with similar diet plans too. The diet bars were my favourite, and because you could have four meals a day, having a diet bar felt like a naughty little treat. My favourite was the chocolate cream cookie bar, simply divine. With other very low calorie diets (VLCD) you tend to only have shakes or soups, but New You offer porridge, soups, shakes, hot meals and the diet meal bars. Not only do they offer the standard plan products, but you can also get water flavourings, tea and breath strips. When I received a couple of packets of the breath strips in my package it made me realise that New You have such a caring ethic, it's the little things that really do matter and they have thought it through. Anyone who has a tried a VLCD diet that takes you into ketosis will know that you do get bad breath quite often, and these were such a lovely touch. 

They also offer 'ketosis friendly' snacks too incase you fancy a little something extra, these are designed so that you can have an extra nibble without coming out of ketosis. Such snacks include wafer bars, nuts and hot chocolate. 

I received a week's worth of products to trial, and a few of my favourites were the beautiful banana shake, the heavenly hazelnut shake (I had this warm!), the chicken noodle curry, and country cottage pie. All were very yummy! New You even popped in a pink lemonade water flavouring that tasted delicious! 

The nitty gritty: I did the diet plan for a whole week. I felt pretty confident with my week and it brightened my day when I saw the packaging, this really kept me going. I loved the fact you could eat four times a day too, having the diet meal bar was an extra pick me up and felt a little naughty on occasion. I did weigh myself both at the beginning and then end, and I lost 7lb during the week. Would I do this plan again? Most definitely. The fact I can eat more and snack made it so much more appealing than three shakes a day! 

They offer various packages, from one week up to eight weeks, and other packages of bulk meal buying in-between. The one week package costs £41.99 which includes four daily meals plus snacks! You can check out the meal plans here, and why not check out all their replacement products? I know you'll be pleasantly surprised. 
*A week's diet plan was sent to me free of charge for review, all opinions are my own. 


  1. Looks fab darl and 7lb weight loss is a pretty good week, I like the fact it's not just shakes as that gets really boring, sorry you haven't been well either

    Thanks for sharing


    1. Me too, I think that's what swung the diet plan for me and kept me going :) x

  2. I have tried many VLCD in the past and never really gotten along with them as on things lie slimfast the idea of everything being liquid can be a little much, I love the idea of being able to have some actual meals and the ketosis friendly breath strips are definitely a fab touch.

    Sammy xo.

    1. The meals are just a small touch, but really do make a difference x