Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Things you forget | First Aid Kits

There are so many things you have to think about when you first have a baby; the main question over and over again is 'do I have everything I need?' and you will most surely think yes. What more could you need? You have a million and one baby grows, numerous toys, nappies and baby wipes are checked, so what more could there be? You've probably forgotten about the first aid kit, and yes, rightly so as it's not on your list of priorities for the time being, but it actually should be. You probably won't need this until your child is older and toddling about when they start getting scrapes, but what about for you too? Baby brain kicks in an whoops you've just poured a kettle of water all over yourself and put baby milk in your coffee. That happened to me numerous times...

I dread to think what is lurking in the back of my 'first aid/medicine' cabinet. Oh no, it's not a small bathroom cabinet with lotions and potions, but a whole kitchen cupboard full of out of date serums and medication. I'd rather not look to be honest. No doubt in my head that there won't be the essentials though.

I couldn't possibly think of what I would need in a first aid kit? Plasters, bandages, creams? And the little things that you will probably forget such as eye wash and tapes. It's much easier to buy a first aid kit really, and that's where this nifty little gadget comes in. This kid's first aid kit from Premier Healthcare & Hygiene covers everything, and comes in a neat little bag making it ideal to have in your car, in your cupboard, or even in your handbag! (It's small and compact).  

2 x alcohol free wipes
9 x creature plasters (these are awesome!)
1 x 5cm conforming bandage
a pair of vinyl gloves
1 x 5cm x 5cm low adherent dressing
1 x triangular bandage
1 x 1.25cm x 5m microporous tape 
2 x 20ml eye wash pods 

You really have everything but the kitchen sink in here, and there is extra room in the bag itself to put a few essentials in that you might require. I've popped a pair of small scissors and an antiseptic cream in (just in case).
*The kid's first aid kit was sent to me free of charge. Opinions in the review are my own.