Sunday, 26 October 2014

George Graduate Fashion Week | Disney Villains

Now I think by now (if you follow me on Twitter) you will know I'm not much of a Disney fan. I say not much when in fact I mean not at all. Sure I liked the movies when I was a child but I have no desire to head to Disneyworld/Land (whatever it's called) however, I must admit I have fallen in love with the Graduate Fashion Week Disney Villains collection for George at Asda. I didn't know this collection even existed until a fellow Tweeter (forgot who you are, sorry!) posted a selfie in her dress, and that's when I fell in love. It hasn't made me fall in love with Disney though, sorry folks

I adore the Graduate Fashion Week and G21 Talent collections. It gives me the opportunity to brighten up my wardrobe with their vivid colour palettes, and yes, textures. God I love texture. I do have my eye on a few knitted pieces but that's a whole other blog post right there. I haven't had my eye on the ball lately though, and haven't been checking the George page that often. Check that, ok at all over the past three months probably. Bad, bad, bad blogger. However, when I spotted these two beauties, and with the festive period due to hit us at any time (and it will I can assure you), I thought I would share my two favourites with you.

What can I really say about these dresses? I honestly think the images say a million words that I couldn't describe, but they are absolutely stunning. The high neck on the first dress is elegant. Oh and the shapes of both dresses would suit my pear figure perfectly without me having to consider sizing up. The fact that they have lilac and pale pink tones would compliment my hair well too. And the price, what a steal at £28 each. The next question is simply, which one do I choose?


  1. Oh thank the lord! II'm not a Disney fan either and people's reactions are similar to if I'd said I like sacrificing animals! Those dresses are gorgeous though.. maybe dressing like a disney villain is ok. X

    1. Haha I'm so glad it's not just me who feels like that! These dresses are beautiful though x