Thursday, 11 September 2014

Make Up Rumours | Nude Lipsticks

This is the second post in my mini-feature series of Make Up Rumours. In case you haven't heard of them or seen them all over the blogosphere, they are a new drugstore brand of makeup with prices ranging from £1. They were advertising for beauty bloggers and I had to be straight in there, and lucky me was given a £10 gift code to shop on their online store - yippee! 

I've recently had a bit of an obsession with nude lipsticks so I had to delve into their collection and choose a few. They have five shades, not listed as actual colours but named 'shade' and have a number corresponding to their colour. I picked shades 16, 17 and 18. 

Now I know from the image the colours don't look very nude and are quite bright, but they are some of the darker ones in their collection. If you've seen the Illamasqua Glamore nudes collection you'll understand what I mean from their shades Rosepout and Minx. 

L-R: shade 16 - just a regular light nude with a pink tinge, shade 17 - this reminds me a lot of Rosepout, and shade 17 - this reminds me a lot of Minx. I wouldn't necessarily say they are perfect dupes of the colours but that's what they remind me of anyway. 

The other two in the nude collection, shades 14 and 15 are what you would call a proper nude shade. But for £1 per lipstick you can afford to have the whole collection for a fiver. You can check out all the shades on their webstore

Packaging wise, well I mentioned this before, but I'm not keen on the branding. It's mainly aimed for younger people, mainly teenagers. This wouldn't distract me from buying it though, and that's because of the price tag. I like a good bargain. What I'm pleased about with the lipstick cases is that they actually fit and close properly, unlike one of their competing brands. That was a real bugbear of mine and I was a little panicky that they wouldn't live up to scratch. 

Overall I love the shades of the lipsticks, they apply really well, have a nice creamy consistency and leave my lips feeling super hydrated. They don't last long but I can expect that, and I did need to reapply after I'd been eating and drinking, but that really wouldn't put me off at all. They are super.


  1. great review! I also purchased a few bits from Makeup Rumours... 2 lipsticks which are stunning and for only £1? BARGAIN!
    I also picked up their nail polishes :)

    Shanna |

    1. They have a great collection of beauty products, I'll be putting a review up soon of one of their eyeshadow palettes, it isn't great x