Wednesday, 13 August 2014

'Wish List Wednesday' Baby & Me | feat. Joules

I haven't created a wish list in absolutely ages, but these are my favourite posts! I'm excited for today's 'Wish List Wednesday' because it features one of my all time favourite British brands, Joules. I absolutely love their English heritage prints, and even more so now they are translated onto baby clothes too. I'm a bit of a fashion geek when it comes to baby clothes, and try to match Dexter's fashion as closely to mine as I can, perhaps with matching colours or prints. 

With autumn fast approaching (yes I know it's August but damn, haven't you looked outside?!) it's time for me to get out those seasonal hues of mustard and burgundy (which also happen to be the best colours of clothing don't you know?) out and have a play around with colour and print. I never used to be a fan of navy blue but I'm slowly finding it sneaking it's way into my wardrobe. It all started with a navy and white polka dot tea dress that I picked up at Beacons Festival, then a cardigan, then a pair of shoes, and it's multiplying. And you know what? I quite like it! 

So yes, I did mention a little earlier that I like to make Dexter into my twin, and thought that was easily reflected with the navy blue jacket and denim. I absolutely love quilted jackets, and he's now at that age (9 months!) where he can wear small people clothing and look quite good in them too. I had to pick the fox socks, I mean, who doesn't like fox print? 

The pheasant print tunic would look super with a thick pair of tights and tan boots, matched perfectly with the mustard cardigan and the navy blue leather saddle bag. For little bug I've checked out their amazing section of baby clothes and chosen a checked shirt with a pair of jersey jeans, a classic navy blue quilted jacket, and of course, the most super cute fox socks I've ever seen. 

PS: The jersey jeans are an absolute essential for any little ones who are starting to crawl, the stretchy material makes it so much easier for them to get around with! (Just a little momma top tip there!). 
*This is a PR collaborative post. 


  1. Ooh I LOVE the bag... and the dress... and the cardigan . .. .