Friday, 22 August 2014

Mustela | For baby, and me.

I'm really excited to be reviewing more Mustela products on my blog. You may have seen me review their multi-sensory bubble bath on the blog a few months ago (and absolutely loving it may I add!). This time I'm reviewing their high protection sun screen and PhysiObébé (no-rinse cleaning fluid). I headed off to Beacons Festival last weekend, and these were the ultimate handbag essentials, not just for Dexter, for me too. These are travel sized products too, making them ideal to carry in your nappy bag or handbag.

First up is the sun screen. I absolutely adore the packaging of this product, the lid is easy to remove with one hand, and as it comes with pump action, it's really easy to apply on a wriggly baby without you being covered in it. The consistency is thinner than normal sun creams too, meaning that is applies and soaks in the skin quickly without leaving lots of greasy residue. It's a high SPF of 50 meaning it's offering the highest protection for baby (and adult!) skin. I've been using this too as I quite often forget to put sun scream on, it's the perfect consistency for putting on my face beneath my foundation just to offer extra protection. I'll definitely be repurchasing this when it runs out. You can pick this product up for around £9.00 online. 

I was a little confused by the concept of PhysiObébé when I originally opened the bottle. I couldn't quite work out which part of the body it was meant to be used on, until I realised it's for the whole body! I also took this with me to the festival, I mean we all know the circumstances of not being able to wash out hands? This product was perfect for that. With it being no-rinse, all you do is whack it on and wipe it off. It cleanses without leaving any sticky residue and leaves the skin so soft afterwards as it contains avocado and aloe vera. Of course I did use it on Dexter too, great for cleaning up his sticky hands! As I received a sample/travel size of the product it made it perfect to keep in the nappy changing bag too. Oh, and the lid is really easy to pop up! What can I say, I love being able to easily open things one handed. You can pick up this product for around £7.30 online. 

All Mustela products are safe to use on newborn babies, and contain no nasties so everything is gentle, even on the most sensitive of skin types. I often use these products myself too. I honestly love European baby brands, I've found they really think about product packaging and ease of use; in face so much so that I've been buying a lot of German drug store baby products for my husband to bring back with him. 
*Products sent for review.

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