Thursday, 14 August 2014

Festival face.

As some of you may have seen on Twitter, last weekend I headed off to Beacons Festival. We all know festival weather is pretty damn and this was no different, in fact we had Hurricane Bertha to hold off, and the worst thing you can have? Yep, that's your make up running down your face. I'm pretty lazy anyway and like to use the least amount of product possible that I can get away with, and these four products are perfect for travelling, definitely for festivals, and creating a simplistic, fresh-faced summer look. Oh, and they don't run either. 

First up is an amazing BB cream that covers everything, and happens to be the perfect shade for my skin. I received this in a MeMeBox (Korean beauty box) a while back (review here) and have used it a lot since. It's my go to BB cream when I'm lazy and can't be bothered with lots of base steps. It's made by Gowoonsesang (otherwise known as Dr. G), contains SPF 50 (perfect!), and costs around £20 for a 50ml product. This might be expensive to some, but as I've used it on an almost-daily basis for the past few months it's really lasting. 

The second on my list is Miner's Maxi mascara, the volumising one. There are a few mascaras in their Maxi range, another of my favourite being their waterproof one, but this is my favourite. Easy to apply, not too thin on the brush, and with great lasting power. You can go from morning to evening with this one in your kit. This costs around £3.50, so a great drug store price mascara for your collection

The MeMeMe coral blossom cheek tint is new to my collection as it's a new release product. It may be new, but it's easily becoming one of my favourite make up back staples. Although labelled as a cheek tint, it makes an excellent lip stain too, so two products for the price of one. It leaves a gorgeous light coral colour to your cheeks and brightens the complexion. Dab it on the lips for a little extra rosy colour. Perfect travel and festival staple. And at £5.50 it's a great price compared to similar cheek and lip tints on the market. 

Last on my list is the Benefit They're Real push up eye liner. Now I've read lots of different reviews on this product, some really hating the product and others really loving it. Now I personally love this product. I've been using the same Barry M Wink eye liner pen for the last (god knows how many) years because it's simply to apply, even for me. On a whim I bought this eye liner from a Cohort and it cost around £13 (I think) so I didn't feel too guilty if it wasn't that good. I was amazed when I tried it. It only took me a few seconds to apply a perfect winged line without any excess or drag, and that for me is something, I'm usually hopeless. I've worn the eye liner a few times now and can really highly rate it, the lasting power is great and it's a really dark matte black that stays for the day. I'll definitely be repurchasing this when it runs out, even though it does cost around £18.50 per go. 

What do you think to my four product festival face? Quick and simple, and easy to remove at the end of the day. 


  1. Such a simple look, I tend to whack on the lippy and mascara and just keep reapplying until I look a hot mess!

    1. I normally wear quite a simple look, and rarely wear eyeshadow either. If it's a special occasion I'll whack a bit of eyeliner on haha x