Thursday, 28 August 2014

Benefit They're Real! Push-Up Liner

I've seen a lot of mixed reviews of this product lately on the blogosphere, and even though it looked amazing, as I'm not a fan of Benefit products I thought I would try and avoid the push up liner altogether. Although a few weeks back when it appeared on Cohorted and was going to be considerably cheaper, I thought I might have to get in on this one; and I'm really glad I did. 

So the idea behind this product is that essentially it's a gel eye liner in a pen. It claims not to smudge, dry out or budge either. It comes with an 'AccuFlex' tip which is flexible and designed to hug the lash line. When I first received the product I was really excited to try it, I really suck with applying gel or liquid liner and I've pretty much used the same Barry M Wink eye liner pen for maybe the last five years or so. 

Applicate was super easy and that's coming from me! All you do is twist until the gel eye liner comes out the tip and whack it on. It applied really easily with no dragging and mess (like a lot of reviews I've seen) and really quickly too. I had a perfect flick first time all within 30 seconds, and that is saying something. The eye liner is matte black and lasted all day without budging or smudging too. It's the perfect consistency for easy application, and simple to remove if you do make any mistakes.  I'm not sure how long the product is meant to last but I could definitely see me repurchasing this in future as it gives the definition I've been longing for.

I think I'm slowing warming more and more to Benefit. This is the second Benefit product in my collection that I believe will be a perfect make up bag staple!


  1. I've been on the fence about this product too, but it looks like you can create amazing fine lines with this product!x

    1. You can, and it's amazing for that. Although I really suck at fine lines so it's something I need a bit more practise with! x