Saturday, 2 August 2014

Allertons | Leeds (The Hair Salon Post)

Earlier this week I popped into the newly-opened Allertons hair salon in central Leeds for a restyle courtesy of the super fabulous folks over at Rock Pamper Scissors. The salon itself is based in the Light on the Headrow of Leeds, and contains both a hair and beauty salon. I was surprised to hear they have only been open for nine weeks, but are already doing a roaring trade. They also stock some of my favourite cosmetics, Paul & Joe, but this will be featured in another post about my makeover experience. I was worried the salon would be difficult to find inside the Light as it's quite a big place, but it's straight at the top of the first escalator, so was simple and easy to find.
The atmosphere is lovely and everyone is really chatty, even the clients were taking to each other. I like being able to go into a hair salon with a comfortable atmosphere. I've been to places before where it feels really cold and unnatural, but this definitely is a warm and happy place to be. 

I was greeted by my hair stylist, Lauren, and taken for a hair consultation. Now I know it seems a little silly for me to have a haircut considering I don't have a lot of hair since I shaved it all off, but it's grown quite a lot and I needed to have it styled. We agreed not to have much cut off the back as it was a great length, but to shape my fringe a little more asymmetric to help it grow into that style, and to trim around my ears a little, as well as shape the back of my hair into my neck. I was super happy with the outcome! 

Lauren used American Crew products (which I've never heard of before but will certainly be looking into a little further) that are generally designed for men and short hair but worked really well on my short style. I really liked the matte texture wax used to give my hair the 'bed head' messy look. 

Here we are with a before and after shot. I know there isn't a dramatic different in the length, but trust me, it's made a complete difference to me!

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