Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My three go-to summer lipsticks.

I love lipsticks and lip glosses but I always seem to buy the same shades or wear the same shades. I seem to wear the same Sleek lipstick that I have done since last september (Exxxagerate, I've never reviewed it though!). It's such a gorgeous purple shade and seems to match everything I wear. Still going with the purple theme (I just can't get enough!) I've recently indulged myself and bought two more lipsticks. As the husband doesn't like me wearing purple, and thinks red is more my thing, I picked up an orange-red shade lipstick from Topshop when I headed over to Harrogate a while back. These make up my three go-to summer shades. Here they are:

MAC - Up the Amp. £15.
Topshop - Rio Rio. £8.
Make Up Revolution - Depraved. £1. 

I don't find myself having to stick to one make up brand, I like to try out new things, especially lipsticks. It's rare that I will pay £15 for a MAC lipstick, but this was a beauty that I wear frequently so the price ticket can be justified. The last MAC lipstick I bought was Rebel, but when I had orange hair it didn't suit me so that went on eBay!


  1. I love that these lipsticks are so bold (normally people wear the most boring lipstick in summer) & that they cover all price ranges. ^^
    Is the makeup revolution one a comparable formula to the other two?


    1. The Makeup Revolution lipsticks are absolutely fantastic! I was really surprised the formula and colour payoff are quite strong, also depending how much you apply depends on how light the colour is too. It seems that when I apply MORE colour, the colour is lighter! x

  2. I love purple lipsticks but I've never actually tried one myself! For £1 though, I need to go and purchase that one! Is it available in boots/superdrug etc?

    1. I think Makeup Revolution are just about to hit Superdrug stores! x

  3. Up the amp is definitely the go-to lipstick for
    Nearly everyone this season! I love it! I'm on
    Fourth tune and it's actually the first lipstick I had purchased in mac yeeeeears ago :)