Sunday, 6 July 2014

Mellow Treats | Harrogate

Whilst in lovely Harrogate walking around the shopping centres (malls to you USA folk) I came across a little stall selling Bomb Cosmetics. I've only recently started using Bomb Cosmetics but they have an amazing range of bath bombs, soaks, and a zillion other luxury items. I'm really sensitive to bath bombs, soaps and other toiletries and I've found these are the only brand I can continually use without having my skin turn into a wreck, unlike Lush products unfortunately. So anyway returning to the story, I got chatting to the man running the stall who told me they have a shop called Mellow Treats further down the road where they have a whole wall of Bomb Cosmetic treats. Well I had to find the place didn't I! 

Not only do they stock Bomb Cosmetics but a whole array of brands and items, along with rubber ducks! I bought plenty to keep me going (which will be coming up in blog posts over the next few months) and lots of different items I've never even heard of!

I was really excited to try a new product. It's a fragranced candle but with a twist, when you melt the 'wax' it's not actually wax at all but a combination of almond oil and shea butter with a fragrance that you can pour onto the skin! I tested a small amount on my hands which left them feeling silky soft without feeling oily, and my hands felt amazing for the rest of the day. From a small tin (£9.99) you can get four whole body applications. I also picked up a moisture bar too. After having a bad experience of using Nivea's shower cream and almost slipping when pregnant, I decided to give this a go. Just have a quick rub all over after your shower and your skin is silky soft, without leaving all the awful residue. I'll be doing more detailed posts on these products later. 

But yes, the shop is absolutely amazing and stocks to many luxury bath time treats that I will actually just be going back to Harrogate for another visit! 


  1. Oooh looks good! I've never been to Harrogate. Must go! Xx

    1. It's such a beautiful store! I must admit that is the first time I've been myself, and I've lived in Yorkshire all my life! x