Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Great ideas to help make the most of Baby’s First Summer

Summer is a fantastic time of year for kids as they adore getting out and about and trying their hands at all of the amazing activities that the season has to offer. If you’re little one is about to experience their first summer, you no doubt want to make it as memorable as possible for them.
Whether they’re a new born or are well on their way to their first birthday, we’ve come up with some ideas to help you make the most of your baby’s first summer as part of your family.

Document those marvellous milestones
Whether they’re sitting up for the first time, taking those first few steps or going on their first summer holiday, take to the outdoors and take lots of pictures and videos of these precious first moments. You could keep a summer scrapbook of their milestones during this season for them to look back on as they grow.

Visit a zoo, farm or aquarium where they can meet the animals
Getting up close and personal with animals can be a real treat for your little one, no matter how little they are! The UK has some wonderful farms, aquariums and some really great zoos.

Take as many photos as possible
Taking lots of photos is the best way to help remember all those lovely memories and will be great for looking back on to see your little one enjoying their first summery season. If you are after something a bit more professional, you could always visit a baby photographer at Venture for some truly beautiful snaps.

Take a trip to the beach
Give them their first sensory experience that they will soon come to love as they grow older; take them to the beach and let them play in the sand and sea. You could collect shells or pebbles and take them home, too!

Go for ice cream at the park
Proof that you don’t have to spend more than £2 to hear them squeal with delight is a trip to the park with their very first ice cream. Make sure you definitely capture the chaos on camera!

Take them swimming
Studies have shown that taking your baby swimming can be really beneficial for not only their health, but also their independence, fitness and confidence. Experience fun in the pool or even take your baby for swimming lessons.

Ensure they’re kept nice and safe in the sun and heat
No one wants their summer spoiled by some of the unpleasantness that can be caused by overexposure to sun or heat. Babies especially should always be extra looked after as their skin will be much more sensitive and they’ll be much less tolerant to high temperatures.

Have a family picnic or BBQ
Gather your family, friends and neighbours round and host a big picnic or BBQ which will be lovely for your little one, as they’ll no doubt get spoilt for attention! These early moments as big groups can be great in terms of building bonds, too.
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