Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Great Gift Ideas for Photography Enthusiasts

If there’s a special occasion coming up for a special someone in your life who is really enthusiastic about photography and is never seen without their camera, opting for something photography themed is a great way to go.
Here's a list of some great gift ideas for photography enthusiasts to keep them snap happy on their special day.

Photography themed wall print
Wall prints are always a great gift and they’re made instantly better if the person is a photography or general art fanatic. After scouring the web we found this lovely photography wall print and think it’s our favourite as it features a quote and old school camera.

Photo-upload household items
My Photo Gifts customised phone cases are a great option for those who love taking snaps with their phone when they haven’t got the chance to get their camera out, or even things like photo mugs, coaters, cushions and bags! You can basically get your photos put onto most household items now, so think about what speaks to their personality.

Camera key ring
Key rings always come in handy, and they don’t have to be boring. In fact, they can make a really great gift if you choose one that is personal to the recipient. We love this intricate camera key ring with engraved charm that says ‘I came, I saw, I shot’ on it.

Photography tote bag
Give them a lovely gift that’s also practical and really useful too...a tote bag in which they can store their camera and photography accessories in it. You can find lots of these around but this one from Etsy has to be our favourite.

‘How-to’ photography gift guides
If they’ve just begun getting involved in this new hobby, why not give them a gift that will help them on their way to becoming a pro? There’s a seller on that sells ‘how-to’ photography gift boxes, such as ‘how to photograph your toddler gift box’ and ‘how to photograph your cat’.

Photography books
This one may seem a little obvious but should never be ignored as books are a great way to inspire people and therefore make great gifts. Find out their favourite photographer and look for a book by them, or look for a book on a theme that they love, or go for something completely new that you think they’d enjoy.

Camera cufflinks
Cufflinks always come in useful when it comes to getting ready for a special occasion and they don’t have to be dull and boring either! There are loads of different camera variety ones to choose from on this site which they are bound to love.

Camera jewellery
Likewise, why not opt for a piece of jewellery that features homage to their true favourite accessory on it? There are some really pretty camera necklaces on the Shop Style website that feature a camera charm on a chain which is a great way for them to wear their passion close to their heart.
(All images sourced from Shutterstock)

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