Friday, 18 July 2014

Blogging with a baby.

I've been asking myself the same question over and over lately, how can I find time to do anything? Bringing up a baby is definitely a 24 hour, 7 day a week job. And yes I did used to laugh and call people ridiculous when they said that. I'm surprised I have time for anything these days. I have had to call off blogger meetings and events as I have mummy guilt and feel like I should spend my days constantly with him, that's something I need to adjust and get over. 

So being a  writer, student, blogger and full time stay at home mum, how do I manage to fit everything in?

Organise everything. This is something I've had to learn to deal with since I had baby brain in pregnancy. I need to constantly write things down and have a notebook to hand, cause if that thought comes into my head and its not written down, yep, it's gone for good. 

Make use of every moment. I've event resorted to blogging from my iPhone or iPad when I have a spare minute, I can't take advantage of time like I used to do. Sitting down for a cuppa can take hours, you make it, it goes cold, that's what I've had to become accustomed to drinking nowadays. I'll have just fed Dexter, and lo and behold it's four hours later and he's due his next feed. Time goes too fast. At the moment I'm lucky he has his night feed around 8pm which gives me a few hours to blog or catch up with emails/work in the evening. Same applies to the morning too, he usually sleeps until around 7am, has his breakfast, and then pops back to sleep until maybe 10-11am, which gives me a few hours to catch up with everything else. However, you can't judge time based on a baby, cause no doubt you will have something planned and something will crop up. 

The one handed technique. Having Dexter sat on my knee whilst I type. Either typing with one hand or managing to type with two whilst keeping him entertained. This is actually what I'm doing right now writing this post! He likes to watch me type, it's a good job really. 

Juggling a home/work/baby balance is proving hard for me at the moment, I just need to find myself and get into a routine. Everything is still very new to me. I can imagine once Uni starts again this year I'll be even more strapped for time, but at least Dexter will be a lot older and hopefully a lot easier to manage then.

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  1. Oh honey I feel u! I'm also a stay at home mummy, blogger 24/7 there is definitely no rest! I also resort to capturing images on my iphone, editing it using an app then blogging on the blogger app when there's just no time (which is mostly all day, everyday) keep going babe! You're doing great juggling a lot! You are not alone!

    Great post and thanks for sharing :)


    1. Thanks hun! It's great to see others out there are doing the same too :D x

  2. Amen to that! I have to be careful with Beth as she likes to hit my keyboard so it's mostly done when she's asleep or on her playmat. She poses like a blogger now! lol x

    1. Yeah Dex has a habit of attempting to the throw the MacBook on the floor, luckily I get there *just* in the nick of time! x