Thursday, 19 June 2014

Making Bathtime Fun for your Little Prince

Why should bathtime be a chore? It certainly doesn’t have to be. It could be a time of the day that the kids, and you, look forward to, rather than trying to squeeze it in before bedtime so that they can be fresh as a daisy before bed. While the main reason for a bath is to give them a good clean and wash their hair, it can also be a time for play – water play is great fun for kids, and we, as parents, should embrace it! Here are some great tips to help make bathtime as fun as possible for your little ones.

  • Make it exciting. Most kids will likely drag their feet as soon as the word ‘bath’ is mentioned, but if you made the whole process fun and exciting, they’ll be more willing to race you up the stairs.
  • Ask the kids. There’s no point assuming what they will and won’t like to do in the bath. Ask them what they’d like to do and stock up on things that will entertain them. If they want to play with toys while they’re in there, there are plenty of bath toys on the market that are suitable. Perhaps they’d like to get a little arty? Bath crayons could be the answer. Or maybe, they’d just like to bury themselves in bubbles.
  • Provide plenty of toys. From empty bottles and cups to bubble guns and foam shapes, if you provide plenty of stimulation for them, they will likely enjoy a bath more. Buy a toy hammock to store everything neatly once their bath is over. The suction cups mean you can just stick it straight onto the tiles.
  • Buy a boy’s dressing gown.  The worst thing about a bath is having to get out once it’s over. Keep them nice and snuggly with one of the boy’s dressing gowns from George and they’ll have something warm to look forward to once the water’s washed away.
  • Let them share. If they have siblings of a similar age, let them share a bath so that they can play together. While they will happily entertain themselves if they’re on their own, having a sister or brother there opens up the opportunities even more! Grab some wind-up toys such as boats and let them race, for example.
  • Make the water fun. Change the colour of the bath water with a little food colouring, or treat them to some fizzy bath bombs from Lush and watch the water effervesce.
  • Play games. There are plenty of games that they can play in the bath, even if they’re bathing alone. From dropping the soap in the bath and asking them to find it, to making bubble beards and styling their hair into weird and wonderful shapes – bathtime can be great fun!

Don’t worry if they make a bit of a mess, or if water escapes the bath and makes its way onto the floor. That’s part of the fun of it! If you inject a bit of fun into bathtime, you won’t hear whinging or proclamations of “do we have to?” ever again!

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