Saturday, 21 June 2014

Afternoon tea at Malmaison Hotel, Leeds.

A few weeks back I headed into Leeds for afternoon tea at Malmaison Hotel with a few other local bloggers. I never even knew there was a Malmaison Hotel in Leeds either! When you entered the hotel you walked down the steps into the Brasserie. I'm sure that this would be well suited for a candlelit romantic dinner, but for afternoon tea it seemed liked I'd stepped into a dungeon down there.  The tables were all ready set up for afternoon tea so I believe they must have certain afternoons booked up. I'm not sure whether this was just set up for those who were attending with discounted vouchers. 

The afternoon tea was presented really well and was so yummy! There were lots to pick from. We opted for the option with a glass of bubbly too, so I think all in all it came to around £12.00 per person. The afternoon tea itself consisted of finger sandwiches: ham and mustard, smoked salmon (yuck!), egg mayonnaise and cucumber and cream cheese. I was in a bit of a savoury mood for some reason so ended up eating more of the sandwiches than the sweet treats! The sweet treats were brownies, profiteroles and I think some kind of pecan tart. There were scones, but these were the tiniest scones I had ever seen, and for a table of four people, they only had a small pot of clotted cream. This clotted cream alone would have just gone nicely on one side of a normal sized scone for me! I only ended up eating one brownie finger and the pecan tart, so unlike me! The tea was fantastic, Yorkshire Gold if I remember rightly, unfortunately they didn't refill the pot but I never asked so I guess if you don't ask you don't get!

I don't think I would go for afternoon tea here again, I wasn't amazed by it to be honest. And I wouldn't fancy eating in a dungeon again haha!
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  1. When I think of Afternoon Tea I think of bright airy spaces... I'm not sure I'd like it in a dungeon either!

    Faye |